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With gate jumpers invading the White House, armed contractors sharing an elevator with President Barack Obama and public opinion leaning towards the negative, life hasn’t been the best for the Secret Service.

So leave it to “Saturday Night Live” to shine a light on the agency as Kenan Thompson became the Rev. Al Sharpton to parody the situation on Weekend Update. The veteran Not Ready for Prime Time player spoofed Sharpton’s trouble’s with the teleprompter as he stumbled and mispronounced his way through the segment while talking about at a New York Times story that mentions how some African-Americans feel that President Obama is deliberately not being protected well enough by the Secret Service.

Staying in character as Sharpton, Thompson was prompted by Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost, as he went into a funny commentary on the White House intruder and the Ebola epidemic. According to the fake MSNBC host, the intruder spent his time eating a sandwich and watching “The Butler” in the Lincoln bedroom before anyone noticed him.

As for Ebola, “Sharpton” provided valuable information to the uninitiated by revealing that you can get the disease through e-mail.

To see SNL’s spoof on Sharpton and the Secret Service, check out the video above.

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