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Kim Kardashian had some shade for anyone accusing her of nearly forgetting her baby, North West, as she exited a hotel in Paris this week.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star was spotted strutting out of a hotel on Thursday and walking to her luxury SUV. After taking a quick look around the vehicle she runs back out and re-emerges with her baby North West before they get inside.

That was all the ammo anyone needed to call Kim a bad mom. She was immediately and repeatedly accused of being too concerned with getting a photo-op to make sure that she had her baby. The recently married reality star wasn’t just going to let people drag her all over social media, so she spoke out about what people didn’t see in that video.

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In short, she finds it ridiculous that anyone could accuse of forgetting her baby because they don’t know what she was doing.

Did Kim really forget her child in the lobby? Hard to say. She did look a little rushed heading back into the hotel. She may have had someone watching North while checking the vehicle, which would be doing her due diligence as a mom. The important thing is she got her baby before driving off.

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2 thoughts on “What Had Happened Was…: Kim Kardashian Explains Why She Left North West In A Hotel

  1. While I did not believe she had actually forgotten the child, I do not believe that bogus tale about checking for the placement of the car seat. I DO believe that she thought someone else had picked up the child to take to the car and was surprised when she got there and North West wasn’t already in the car. However the tale about checking to see if the car seat was there is a little farfetched. With ALL the flunkies she has, why couldn’t someone else check for the car seat placement? Yea, right!!!

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