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When word broke that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were headed for divorce, one of our first thoughts was, “What about his tattoo?” We’re talking about the obnoxiously large “Mariah” tatt inked on his back. It turns out, Nick was two steps ahead of us. The funny actor had the tattoo covered.

Cannon was photoed shirtless at Playhouse in Hollywood last night where he celebrated his birthday and debuted his new back art.

According to TMZ, Cannon has a depiction Jesus on the cross with angel wings coming off the end the cross over Mariah’s name.



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Celebrity Ink: Tattooed Lovers
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(Photo: Hellobeautiful/Instagram)

13 thoughts on “Nick Cannon Covers ‘Mariah’ Tattoo [PHOTO]

  1. John James on said:

    Terrible photo. Get off Nick’s back about the money. He might have as much as she has but he is doing okay. He was president of Nick Jr. among other things he has been doing.

  2. carmen on said:

    all….. u ppl need to stop h8ing on nick…… he needs someone who is down to earth like himself!!!!!….lotz of luv nick; )

  3. nick can go to hell and take his parents with him.
    What happened in all this is all according to his plan…Wham , Bam ….HA-HA
    I got in Mariah’s pants!!….He never loved her from the beggining…it was all a big game.

  4. Rodney on said:

    hey Nick how are you? you are a big jerk Mariah is not God : however don’t forget where you came from . because you got a little money you are not all that. grow the fuck up.

  5. “BACK OFF” Nick Cannon ………….
    Artillery misfired here.
    A huge tat like that was ridiculous in the first place.
    Cardinal rule of tats : NEVER EVER get a gf, bf, wife, husband
    tattoo. Writing is on the wall from there on out ………..
    A child, parent, pet is a different story.
    Nick seems to have issue with privacy.
    Marriage is a private matter.
    Public should not be included in every aspect of life.

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