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Aww man! This one hurts! According to TMZ, Food Network married couple Pat and Gina Neely are calling it quits! The BBQ titans that became a regular part of the cooking vernacular via their Food Network show “Down Home With The Neelys” are headed to divorce court.

Gina Neely is apparently the one who filed for divorce.

According to the docs, they’ve been separated for 2 years … though you’d never be able to tell from their show … which they’ve continued to shoot all along.

Gina cites irreconcilable differences in the papers but according to a joint statement … they’re splitting on good terms, and will continue to run their NYC barbecue restaurant together. They also say they’ll be focusing on their “individual brands”.

Wow, so maybe reality TV of any kind can doom a marriage…even one as benign as a cooking show!

They have 2 daughters, but both are over 18 so, there will be no child support.

Take a look at the couple in happier times below.

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27 thoughts on “Pat And Gina Neely Divorcing After 20 Years

  1. But I really did like the show, nothing last forever good or bad. Paula Dean was snatched off the air for using the “N” word to staff in her kitchen. “What goes up must come down”.

  2. Gina was bossy and controlling, Pat probably got tired of being bossed around by her especially on TV, she made him look like he was a wimp. Gina’s cheeks always looked like a chipmonk/nuts or bread stored in her fat cheeks

  3. it didn’t work out it didn’t work out. If it weren’t for the Food Network we wouldn’t know who they are. But I’ll miss seeing their holiday season cooking and enjoying the smellavision. Oh well guess I’ll be watching their holiday cooking re-runs.

  4. If it didn’t work out it didn’t work our. If it weren’t for the Food Network we wouldn’t know who they are. But I’ll miss seeing their holiday season cooking and enjoying the smellavision. Oh well guess I’ll be watching their holiday cooking r-runs.

  5. I saw a definite change in Gina’s personality after she lost all the weight and maybe Pat didn’t like the new version – who knows – but what’s good is that they have went on and put their livelihood ahead of their individual wants – I wish them both the very best

  6. Who really cares!!!!!!!!!! I myself and a lot of others have been divorced for 10 years or more and no one really seemed to give a damn except to say that they are sorry about it. Guess if I had been a biggie on the food network mine would have gone viral. Face it; SHIT Happens…………..

  7. Long term marriage is no longer sustainable in the current environment. That is the reason you see all of the divorces now and the decline in marriage rates. The divorces are initiated by the women now and not the men. They have the means to not have to stay in the relationship as their mother and grandmothers did, plus until the divorce laws are changed they will come out better off if they are in a normal or high profile marriage.

  8. Gennis Kidder on said:

    Let a woman lose a lot of weight and they start thinking “I’m all that!” One of the first things they counsel you about before weight loss surgery is how stable is your relationship. A long time fan, I thought Gina was a lot nicer and better, before her health conscious weight loss. I guess a stable and loving relationship applies for not only surgical weight loss patients.

    • seriously on said:

      Gina never had not surgical weight-loss, she would have never qualified that surgery is for morbidly obese and life threatnening…For which she was neither. BTW, most people who have those surgery has the atleast be 50lbs over weight and most people like that have mental health issues and using food they way people self-medicate with alcohol, drugs etc.

      I like Gina she is a strong and confident woman with class and dignity. When they were high school sweethearts, he wanted to marry her straight out of high school, she had a scholarship to a college and California and took herself to school. And unlike so many other women she has her own and even if her marriage of 19 is ending…Well, she is leaving this marriage better off financially than what she started and with opportunities to grow her own brand. I know that she is slated to open a restaurant in Spain….And she has the education, experience and money to make it her own…And the children are grown…I wish them both the best…

    • Sharon Jones on said:

      You don’t know, what you think that you know about “their” marriage. Marriage, is always between the two people that is in that particular marriage. NOT, outsider’s. You are an “outsider”.

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