Tom Joyner Morning Show co- host Sybil Wilkes was honored at Bennett College’s Belle Ringer Awards.

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Sybil was among five other “Belle Ringer” women who were awarded for their commitment to community & excellence and support of higher education. These women possess the qualities of the Bennett Ideal- a life lived with dignity & grace and care for others. Sybil has a honorary doctorate from Bennett College and several awards for her perseverance in journalism. The Belle Ringer Awards Ceremony is in conjunction with Bennett’s inaugural celebration of their 17th president, Dr. Rosalind Fuse-Hall.

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In addition to the six women honored, six Bennet upper classwomen were awarded $500 Scholarships in the name of each of the Belle Ringer Honorees, these young women also embody the “Bennett Ideal”. The scholarships will cover the cost of books and instructional technology needs.

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Watch footage from the Belle Ringer Awards Ceremony  here

(Photos: Wanda Edwards Mobley)