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One day after quitting her job live on the air at KTVA, Charlo Greene is explaining her reason behind making the memorable exit from the TV station … in a cockeyed kinda way.

Via a YouTube video released Monday, the now former Anchorage, Alaska news anchor stated her departure was necessary in order to step up and fully devote her time towards a cause worth fighting for.

“There comes a time in each and every one of our lives where we must choose to continue to spectate or stand up for what’s right,” Greene said. “Why are Americans arrested every 37 seconds, Alaskans every 4.3 hours? Why should an aspiring someone lose their ability to earn a higher education, to become someone they were not meant to be? And why should you lose the ability to get public assistance in times of struggle and need?”

“Advocating for freedom and fairness should be everyone’s duty,” she continued. “I’m making it my life work to uphold what America stands for truly: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, ideals that now need to be defended.”

Greene’s explanation comes after she generated headlines for using foul language while announcing her exit from KTVA on Sunday to help legalize marijuana.

“Everything you’ve heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska,” she said. “And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, f–k it, I quit.”

Ballot Measure 2, which would legalize possession of marijuana in small amounts for recreational use, is set to be voted on by Alaskans in November, according to the Huffington Post. If approved, Alaska will join Colorado and Washington, who have implemented similar legislation in the last year, the publication noted.

To see Greene explain her reason for leaving KTVA, check out the video above.

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(Photo/Video Source: YouTube)