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Before Rihanna, Janet Jackson and of course Beyonce got a little raunchy in their music there was legendary soul singer Millie Jackson, who once set the tone for seually explicit lyrics and banter during her stage shows.

But now she’s mellowed out (somewhat) and is performing at the 2015 Fantastic Voyage.   The subject of an Unsung, aired in 2012, Jackson gave the Tom Joyner Morning Show a hilarious earful of what to expect!

Let’s just say Jackson hasn’t mellowed all the way, though, as her current single can’t even be played on the radio. She’s not quite sure what the problem is, though.

“I did radio,” Jackson says. “I know what costs you a $325,000 fine.”

On being confused as a blues singer:

“I am not a blues singer. I’m a soul singer and I’m a R&B singer. You all try to make all the black people soul singers because Timberlake and Thicke took over R&B.”

On a possible gospel album?

“I’m going to do gospel on the cruise. I know J. Anthony said he was going to be out- cussed, so I’m going to do gospel.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview including if there are any Millie Jackson’s nudes floating around.

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