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Chantae Gilman (pictured) has officially been charged with raping a male neighbor while he slept in his Seattle apartment in June of last year, reports KOMO News.

According to a police report, the 26-year-old mother of four, who is now pregnant again, allegedly broke into her unidentified neighbor’s apartment as he slept following a party he had attended.  Gilman, whom police records state is 240 pounds, reportedly entered the man’s bedroom and managed to hold the victim down during the alleged rape.  Gilman warned her victim to keep it quiet as she attempted to muffle him during the act.  The man claims he tried to get free from the woman’s grip but found it difficult to escape.

The man, who describes his assailant as “a drug user in the area,” finally managed to push the woman off of him and out of his apartment.

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12 thoughts on “Seattle Woman Charged With Sexually Assaulting Man In His Sleep

  1. seriously on said:

    Of course man can be raped by woman and this is a 240 pound woman who was pregnant (good grief), that is a lot of weight on anyone ass, but this is happening more and more these days with women. She is also a sexual predator, mental illness or not.

  2. A 25-YEAR-OLD Marange Resources employee is in the intensive care unit at Mutare Central Hospital after reportedly being kidnapped and sexually abused by three women who had offered him a lift.

    The man, whose name cannot be revealed, was allegedly drugged before being kidnapped for two days.

    The assailants are said to have been in the company of a man.

    Police in Mutare yesterday confirmed the incident and said no arrests have been made as investigations were in progress.

    It is alleged that last Wednesday, at around 8:57pm, the victim was at Fairbridge BP Service Station in Mutare looking for transport to Rusape.

    He was offered a lift by the suspects who were travelling in a white Mercedes Benz, whose registration numbers are not known.

    According to police, the male suspect was driving the vehicle while the three were women were on the backseat.

    The driver stopped near Christmas Pass Hotel where the three women bought soft drinks.

    They returned to the car with four cans and handed one to the victim.

    The can had already been opened and it is believed that the suspects had laced the drink with an unknown substance to drug the victim who later fell unconscious.

    When he regained consciousness, he discovered that he was in a dark room with his cellphone and US$200 missing.

    The male suspect reportedly ordered him to be intimate with one of the three women and the victim refused.

    A pistol was produced and he complied after being given condoms.

    Sources close to the investigations yesterday said the victim had sex five times with the women and all the condoms used were properly secured.

    A senior police officer in Mutare said: “The complainant was given some fizzy drinks to enhance his sex drive and was allowed to rest.”

    He said the following day, the victim was forced to be intimate with the women again.

    On May 18 at around 3am, the victim was forced into the suspects’ vehicle and dumped near a business centre along the Mutare-Masvingo Road.

    He was given a Nokia cellphone and US$100 before the assailants drove towards Nyanyadzi.

    On Sunday, it is reported that the victim went to Mutare Provincial Hospital where he was admitted in the intensive care unit. He was yesterday still admitted at the hospital.

    Since last year, several men have been sexually attacked at gunpoint by women after being offered lifts.

    Some of the suspects were arrested while others are still at large.

  3. I don’t believe any of this story. She’s a drug addict with mental illness. Didn’t state if she was high or not. In my opinion I think only 2 things happened. Either she broke into his house to steal to get crack money or they were trickin’ and she wouldn’t do what he wanted so he flipped on her. Crackhead Female whores do it to men all the time when they don’t get paid or got shorted.

  4. Rape is about power not penetration. arousal for a man is easy and can be done against his will. the act of sex no matter how much we don’t want it can cause or create a sense of pleasure that can maintain the arousal. Women who have been raped understand the phenomenon and the guilt that comes with it. The shame of the body liking the feeling while being attacked. Boys have been forced to have sex with women against their will under threat and have felt powerless, is not rape because his penis went inside of her if she held all the power. Or if a woman or women all boun; or made Common knowledge a man against his will and did the same thing. Don’t dismiss just because it isn’t common or made common knowledge. Male rape is the most under reported.

    • Who says a woman can’t rape a man? Rape is one person forcing sexual acts on another. Women rape men, children and other women. I was molested by one of my mother’s friend when I was 3 or 4. When she used to baby sit me she would put ice cream on her vagina and tell me to lick it. She would hold my head until she started shaking. I didn’t know what happened until I grew up. Never told a soul. My mama doesn’t know. She might kill her. That bitch raped and molested me, so don’t tell me.

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