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When it comes to steamy scenes, it’s a good thing for Kerry Washington and Viola Davis.

With frequent episodes of hot sex between her character Olivia Pope and either Tony Goldwyn’s Fitz or Scott Foley’s Jake, Washington is no stranger to expressing Olivia’s passionate side. And that suits the actress just fine.

“It’s freeing to play a character who is messy and fully human, who has big feelings and a big life,” the Scandal star said during a roundtable interview with BuzzFeed Brews with Facebook Live . “The fact that my character has such a sense of passion is exciting as an actor. It’s thrilling to figure that stuff out and take those kinds of risks.”

Davis echoes Washington’s enjoyment of the steamy sex scene. As she plays Annalise Keating in the new ABC drama “How To Get Away With Murder,” the entertainer finds it liberating to relay the fact that Annalise is no prude.

“It has been freeing because it’s terrifying,” said Davis, who was joined by Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo in the conversation. “Whoever we are in our sexual lives, which is very private, has to be public. It’s also very freeing to play the why she is that sexual.”

And while Washington enjoys bring Olivia’s “big feelings” to life, she joins many Scandal gladiators in believing that Miss Pope could use some guidance.

“Go to therapy,” the new mom said when asked what advice she would give Olivia. “If she was my girlfriend, I would be like, ‘Girl, there is this guy you should call…”

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