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Floyd Mayweather says he doesn’t care that 50 Cent and Manny Pacquiao call him uneducated. He says if it’s true, ‘It makes my story that much more interesting.’ I agree with Floyd 100 percent. Now, before you call me a hypocrite, let me explain.

You know I’m a proponent of education and believe that everyone in this country is entitled to a good one. But I also believe in hard work and doing the best you can with what you have and Floyd Mayweather has certainly done that.

I know a lot of people who can read who aren’t nearly as smart or industrious as Floyd Mayweather. If you don’t know his story, here it is. Floyd has been in the boxing ring since the age of three and he’s perfected his skill. He doesn’t read for a living as he admits. “Reading will not define my place in boxing history,” Floyd says.

I’m just a DJ but perhaps if Floyd had grown up in another environment he would be a great reader and a great boxer. When he was a little boy, practically growing up in the ring in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich., he told his grandmother he thought he could get a job. She told him, ‘No, just keep boxing.’ So, he did.

When he was nine, he moved to Jersey City with his mom where he said there were seven people sleeping in one bedroom and they sometimes without any electricity. His mom was addicted to drugs. Mayweather remembers coming home from school and finding used heroin needles in his front yard.

I don’t imagine that anyone was listening to him read aloud at home or helping him practice his spelling words. Nor was there anyone around to suggest that he get tested for dyslexia or some other learning disorder.

Ten to 15 percent of people in this country have dyslexia. Just five out of every one hundred dyslexics are properly diagnosed and receive assistance.

Other successful celebrities who have overcome reading challenges include Danny Glover, Thomas Edison, Magic Johnson, Walt Disney, Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander Graham Bell, just to name a few.

Floyd had every excuse not to succeed….at anything. Sure his dad worked out with him in the gym, but he says other than that, they had no real relationship. When his dad went to prison, he dropped out of school and put all his energy into boxing, realizing this was the only way he might earn a living and be able to take care of his mom.

Floyd Mayweather’s reading problem is an easy target, but I’ll bet many of the people taking aim aren’t nearly as successful as he has been.

If he wins this weekend, his record will be 46-0, very close to moving him closer to the great Rocky Marcianos 49-0 career record. He runs Mayweather Promotions, has multiple mansions, a fleet of cars, and a jet. Don’t get me wrong.

I don’t condone any of the violent behavior Floyd has displayed, especially toward women, outside of the ring. And of course, I still say education and literacy are invaluable and I’ll bet even Floyd knows that his life would be richer if he had both. But give him credit for taking the hand he was dealt and making the most of it.

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25 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather, Read My Blog!

  1. dan jide on said:

    Floyd has a God given talent which he has maximized to the fullest. He made a nice tasting lemonade out of the lemon he was handed. He is the best boxer in the world and should be very proud of this. While education has its merits and justifiably so, learning to read is something that Floyd can pick up at any time he so wishes. Just want to know how many learned critics can say that about boxing or can boast at being the best at anything. I even doubt if 50cents or Pacquiao can read given the way they speak English

  2. Floyd may not have the best education but he is living better then 75%of the people calling him stupid and bet that the people would take a hand out if he gave the money,the is very well educated
    because he is RICH how abou that world

  3. He made a fool of America but letting them buy his pick fights. He’s no.1 in America but never ever will be in the world if he doesn’t fight the great Manny Pacquiao. He’s a coward, yellow and a chicken.

  4. Rogelio Villa on said:

    Man is uneducated and acts ignorant in all sense of the word. He is no Champion in my book, the man lacks class, style, charisma and skill. He is the king of dodging and running if he only acting just a crumb just a tad bit humble it would make a difference. As it stands all the money in this world will not erase his lack of respect and ignorance.

  5. Barry Grimes on said:

    You people that post ugly things about money Mayweather, could it be that you guys are jealous of him. God have given mayweather a gift and he has mastered it to perfection. I applaud the guy for his accomplishment. I just don’t get it, why are people hating on this guy because of his success. everybody have the same opportunities in life. Leave the guy alone and worry about your own success

  6. “Money” is a loser. He beats women, and he is dumber than a sack full of worn out hammers. He has yet to fight a real fighter. He will go into the history books as a woman beating, set up fight winner, who dodges any good fighter that comes around. He is a worthless rich man. He will die broke, mark my words.

  7. All Pacman said in reference to Floyd’s inability to read was… “Now I know why he was like that”. Taking it from Manny’s personality and his own humble beginnings, I don’t think hte statement meant to deride Money May. He (Manny) just learned to understand Floyd a bit more.

  8. He can’t read but he can sure use Profanity without a problem! He has $, more than the average person will ever see, but he’s still Morally Bankrupt (utterly disrespectful person).

  9. Roberto Evans on said:

    Has anyone offered him to learn how to read? Tom Joyner have YOU offered to help him learn how to read? Sounds like YOU Tom Joyner are making excuses for him for not helping or wanting to help him learn how to read. If he’s not a good reader, then offer to help him become an excellent reader. Oh, I forgot you rather see him in the boxing ring fighting rather than picking up a book.

    • Maybe you should take a few more classes yourself because your grammar is not very good. Stop with the hate on Tom. He is not putting down Mayweather or praising him, he is simply stating that Floyd has overcome alot even if he can’t read, if that is true.

    • I said it. on said:

      You have incomplete sentences, run on sentences, and have forgotten word endings. Let’s just make sure that you aren’t the tutor. You may can read the words, but you aren’t comprehending the message.

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