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As we reported back in April, veteran Fox‘s NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver, 53was replaced by Erin Andrews, 36. Maybe, well let’s be honest, probably the problem is that “veteran’ sideline reporter description of Oliver.

As you can imagine, the move put a hurt on Oliver, who in her tell-all in the latest issue of Essence magazine, said the episode “humiliated” and “hurt.”

“Once the changes were announced, people started talking,” Oliver wrote in a first-person account for Essence. “Some asked, ‘Do you think it had something to do with your race?’ No. I definitely do not. Others asked, ‘Does it have something to do with your age?’ Well, maybe.”

Oliver covered the most recent Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium. But she isn’t out of a job. She will spend her 20th NFL season on the sidelines this fall. But of course she won’t be with the lead Fox play-by-play team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

On top of that, this will be her final year covering the NFL before transitioning to Fox Sports 1.

Her replacement, Andrews, appeared on the reality show Dancing with the Stars in 2010 and was routinely named among TV’s sexiest sports personalities during her eight-year stint as an ESPN sideline reporter. Andrews also made headlines when a stalker posted nude video of her filmed through a hotel peephole in 2008.

Andrews jumped to Fox in June 2012, where she hosted the network’s college football studio show and was a regular on Fox NFL, baseball and NASCAR coverage.

Still, Oliver framed the change in duties with a tinge of bitterness.

“It’s not difficult to notice that the new on-air people there are all young, blond and ‘hot,’” Oliver wrote. “That’s not to say that Erin isn’t capable. I think she’s very capable. She’s also popular on Twitter and social media, so I can see how that would also make her highly sought after.”

Read Oliver’s FULL essay here. 

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16 thoughts on “Pam Oliver: ‘I Was Humiliated and Hurt By Demotion’

  1. Michael Jay on said:

    I have to somewhat agree with her that it’s not so much about race but it definately is about age! On TV image is everything! Why I say not somewhat so much about race is that, older Black is not the same in their minds as older white! Ms Tafoya is proof of that! And just take a look at the female on the US Open tennis tournament!

  2. It’s race but. There were a couple times I saw Pam on the air and she really looked rough – hair and makeup were horrible. When you are in front of the camera and if you are a women – especially Black women you got to keep it together. There’s a double standard or triple standards for us.

  3. Mary Burrell on said:

    Surely she saw this coming and she probably should have had a plan for when this day arrived. It’s a double standard and men can get fat and bald and get old but not women they have to stay fresh young and hot. Hope the lady can reinvent herself and move on to something else.

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  5. seriously on said:

    Our young men dying in the streets, our black women beaten by police, longer prison sentences, wrongful convictions…Yet not a one white police officer, prosecutor, judge, knowing it is bogus and lies, not even the FBI will intervene…Yet some No-grows took glee in tearing this woman down. For nothing..

  6. Chances*Are on said:

    I think she should thank her lucky stars that her career lasted 20 years. The replacement is the typical white woman but if this were about race, it wouldn’t have taken 20 years for them to figure out that she was Black. It’s age… they just wanted someone younger, sexier, etc. I think Pam is definitely an attractive woman. Like most, she just needs to take a few pounds off, get a hairstyle, something cuter, shorter, and just overall build that confidence into a new look. Hope the best for her and I think she’s an amazing Black woman, and she will be fine.

  7. Prophetic Imagination on said:

    The Tom Joyner Morning Show needs to apologize for helping end this woman’s career. She was receiving enough criticism from White people and then ignorant Black people like Tom, Jay, Chris, and Huggy just chimed in. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. They go on with their lives and jobs having ruined someone else’s career. But it’s all love right?

    • seriously on said:

      Indeed, the amount of hate and backlashed this woman got from Black America was the most saddest and pathetic rhetoric, I have ever heard and witnessed. Black women mostly, but black males as well just lit into this woman on nothing but her hair. Which led the charge to replace her and the same people turned around and called it racist when she was demoted. Who racism was that? Because the bulk came from Black America…. She has a right to feel humiliated, because ageism is just as real as racism. And I am sure if any 50 something was laid off from their job, so they can be replaced with a younger version in addition to cutting their retirement plans, because they do not have that 25-30 years of service. They would not be saying “GEE Pam” or be grateful you lasted as long.

      But since stabbing other blacks is in season these days. Let’s have some truths, no others races turn on each other like this, or sabotage others. Our biggest hurdle is always going to be each other, and the illusions that others should treat us better than we treat ourselves and others just like us. Ageism, effects your retirement, future job opportunities and career growth. In an economy where opportunities are scarce. Shame, shame on all of them who turned on this woman. And shame on the rest who did not call them out of there behavior…You know the real losers.

      There really is no cure for ignorance…

  8. It appears that (some) people didn’t read the entire article. Pam has the right to express her feelings just like anyone else has that right, She has moved on. My observation is that men can age, and no one says a darn thing. They still do the news, and sports, and overall society doesn’t have a problem with male aging. Definitely a double standard. I’ve noticed that a lot of older men are having botox injections; and it’s so obvious, And they look ridiculous!!

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  10. Timekeeper on said:

    Gee Pam.
    I understand your pain, BUT people ( especially black men and women) get dealt a bad hand like this all of the time. Welcome to the real world. There is an old saying about people o color that goes “Last one hired, firs one fired” which has lot of truth in it. You’ve had 20 years on the job, more than most. Career wise, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by being publically angered. Broadcasitng is a dog-eat-dog business, You hung n there a while lot longer than many of your colleagues. Now that you’ve got this out, Move On.

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