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Horoscopes for the week of September 1st

Happy Birthday, Virgo!

I can’t believe it’s already September! But here we are, Virgo season officially underway. Virgo the Virgin is the sign of simplicity. Belonging to the Earth element, Virgo represents the harvest – a planting of seeds for the sake of fresh growth that is clean and pure. It’s why Virgos are known to be the perfectionists of the Zodiac. These folks are completely attuned to the finer details of life, with the intention of getting things right the first time.

It’s fitting, then, that the Labor Day holiday, beginning of school and the end of summer all coincide with this sign that encourages us to get back to the basics. As we move into the week ahead, this will be our cue to follow suit. Setting the foundations for a new relationship, a creative endeavor or a professional goal in practical ways represents the best use of this energy if we hope for tangible results. This will be the case even more so once the planet of finesse and delicacy, Venus, enters Virgo on Friday, September 5th.

Check your horoscope to see what’s in store, and don’t forget to read for your Ascendant sign too.

On the day you were born, all of the planets were positioned in the signs of the Zodiac – not just the Sun. To find out more about your full astrological make up, email Tracey for a personal Astrology reading at

Aries: I realize that you Aries would prefer to keep the summer energy going with another beach party, surrounded by friends, drinking bottomless margaritas! However, it’s time to reign in all the fun you’ve been having to tend to more practical concerns, namely your daily affairs, schedule, general health and well being. The Ram tends to neglect these things, and your lifestyle suffers as a result. Therefore, a new gym membership and planner would be the best way to get back on track. My “mini-reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details.

Taurus: Finally Taurus, you can use a little creativity to resolve ongoing matters with loved ones and business partners. If you’ve got an artistic endeavor you want to sell in a joint venture, now would be the time to submit a proposal. If your relationship needs a little pick me up, a romantic evening out could make a world of difference. The best part about your plans, dear Bull, is that all you have to do is keep it simple. The more you tap into your inner child, the better things will go. My “mini-reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details. 

Gemini: Home related matters are your primary concern these days, Gemini. Whether you’re looking to relocate or renovate, your physical space is now your priority. If it’s not a move in the literal sense that you’re contemplating, then you may be more focused on your emotional state with the intention of nurturing your inner foundations. This would be well worth the energy too, especially if you can devote the time and focus (I know your sign can’t sit still for too long, but try). My “mini-reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details.

Cancer: September looks to be a very social month for you, Cancer. You may find that you have more errands to run than usual, while communication picks up in your ‘hood. You’ll enjoy the flurry of activity for the most part, as it will offset some of the other responsibilities on your plate (namely work tasks). Also, if you can find time to check out a new restaurant that’s just opened, or attend a local community fair, you could make a few new worthy connections that will keep you entertained! My “mini-reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details.

Leo: With the Sun and soon the planet Venus both in the sign of Virgo, focus will be on matters surrounding your self worth and financial security. If you want to identify new sources of income, now would be the time to do so. If you want to promote new skills and talents, make your pitch and don’t hold back. You will be making solid impressions this entire month Leo, all the more reason for you to go for gold! You really do deserve nothing but the best; it’s time you believed this to be true. My “mini-reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details.

Virgo: When I say that this is your time to shine, Virgo, I’m not at all exaggerating. It’s already your birthday month, so I know that you’ve got a ton of energy pushing you towards personal pursuits! Add the planet Venus, which will enhance your powers of attraction starting this week, and you’re on FIYA my friend! So what should you do with this cosmic luck? Use it or lose it, of course! This is “life changing” energy that can assist with whatever you want to manifest. So go get manifesting! My “mini-reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details.

Libra: Take a breather, Libra. I realize you’re trying your darndest to make things happen, and it doesn’t help that your social life has picked up too. But you need to retreat and reassess your next steps if you hope to bring certain projects to fruition. Yours is a sign that relies heavily on others for support and ideas you can use to enhance your vision. That’s fine, but remember that it is your vision after all. It would behoove you, then, to try and think about things on your own, for now.

My “mini-reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details.

Scorpio: All work and no play makes a dull Scorpio, and September will prove this to be true if you don’t take time out to catch up with friends and do a little schmoozing. This could really work to your benefit if you’re pursuing a career change; a job fair or networking event might put you in touch with all the right folks. Wish-making energy is available to you in the cosmos; you just have to find the shooting star. Play your cards right this month and you’ll be amazed by the magic it brings. My “mini-reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details. 

Sagittarius: Career matters are front and center for most of the month, Sagittarius. If you’re looking for a new job, now would be a great time to put out feelers. If you’re seeking a promotion, don’t sell yourself short and ask for the higher salary range. You could even decide to branch out on your own in the spirit of entrepreneurship, doing work that brings total fulfillment. No matter how you use this energy, I advise you to use it to your full benefit. Doing so will enhance your natural optimism. My “mini-reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details.

Capricorn: Take some time to explore, Capricorn. September is full of wonderful opportunities for mental and physical expansion. Register for that new class if it will broaden your higher-mind, or book that vacation in order to learn a new language and discover a foreign culture. Wanderlust is soon to set in if it hasn’t already, and as a bonus, you will genuinely enjoy the connections made with new characters met (especially for the singles among you!). The world is officially your oyster. My “mini-reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details.

Aquarius: Money matters with important partners are now in the framework, and some of you may be forging new commitments in business or pleasure. If you’re signing a contract on a joint project, your stars are favored. If you are considering a marriage proposal or home buying, you are in a good position to invest. Try not to overthink the details though, and for heavens sake, do not try to talk others into or out of something. This should be a natural process that unfolds effortlessly. Let it. My “mini reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details.

Pisces: Lovely loving energy is in the air, Pisces, and you’ve got some great stars on your side for relationship potential. If you’re looking for a mate, put yourself out there. If you’re already coupled up, shower your partner with love and affection (it will be returned twofold!). There really isn’t a better time to confess your love for someone, so let him or her know how you really feel. If you’re a bit indecisive, just trust your intuition and go with the flow. All will be revealed at the perfect time. My “mini reading” special for September has been announced! Visit for details.

Tracey L. Rogers is an Astrologer in the Washington, DC metro area. With over a decade of experience, Tracey brings clarity and insight to your full astrological make up, explaining how astronomical activity above affects us down below. Tracey’s readings are insightful, presenting vital information that leads to self-awareness. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. For more information on services, visit