Mathew Knowles thinks that Solange‘s elevator fight with Jay Z was a masterfully executed marketing ploy.

Everyone’s been keeping a much closer on Jay and Beyonce since video of Solange going HAM on Hov surfaced back in May. There have been persistent divorce rumors for Bey to contend with as she and Jay set out on their joint tour this summer.

The video came out right around the same time that hip hop’s hottest couple announced their On The Run Tour. The fight couldn’t have been brough to light at a worse time, or could it?

Mathew said during a recent radio interview that Jay may have been taking a hit so that the whole family could prosper. He and Bey wanted to make sure that their tour would bring in big bucks (not that they really have to worry about that).

“You have to sometimes ignite that tour. It’s called a Jedi Mind Trick,” He explained to a 104.1 KRB this week “[It] fools you a lot of times, so things you see sometimes…”

The hosts were skeptical that Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange knew exactly what they were doing when Soloange started swinging on Hov after the Met Gala this year.

Mathew maintained his position that this was nothing more than a staged incident to spark even more interest around the On The Run Tour. “All I know is Jedi Mind Trick. Everybody’s talking about it,” he said, pointing out how the family scandal translated into big bucks. “Ticket sales went up. Solange’s album sales went up 200 percent.”


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7 thoughts on “Oh, Really?!: Mathew Knowles Claims Solange and Jay Z’s Elevator Fight Was Staged

  1. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that matthew Knowles is telling the truth. Those two are phonies. They definitely are playing the divorce bit to the end, not sure of e elevator stunt.

  2. Sherry on said:

    That’s why I don’t buy concert tickets. If this is true, I say BOYCOTT the next Jay Z and what ever her name is concert!!!! They do not deserve your money if they have to play stupid games like that.

  3. I don’t believe this b.s. but I’ll still say this much ….. if these two ARE staging fights & drama etc to increase ticket sales etc, shame on them. Because they dont have to do NO STAGING OF SHT to get big ticket sales & to make money. My dayum – they are the biggest celebs in the industry!! How much more do they WANT???
    And then, to just fake things & be deceitful is NEVER a good thing.
    So please say it aint so …..

  4. pac4me on said:

    How sad is this – “the” father of the year turning an unfortunate family incident into another media sabotage – shame on you Matthew, shame on you – – this looks and feels like “I’m still bitter about your success without me managing you, so I’ll do whatever to help destroy your image”

    • Yes Mathew Knowles will do anything to sabotage his daughter’s career. He hate to see her succeed while he is strapped for cash. What kind of a man would ruin his family reputation. Mathew is a loser. He need to pay his child support. Beyonce is not going to give him money for that. Even if it was to boost ticket sales, that is your daughter. How can you sleep when you want the world to turn against your own flesh and blood. I cannot imagine what he would do to someone else.

  5. seriously on said:

    Good grief man, must you let everyone know how much of a loser you really are? You rip off your own daughter as her manager, leave your wife for a worthless ass slinging poor side piece, have children you will not support, now you are throwing your own children (who put you out of their lifes and pockets) under the bus. You are poster child for birth control and I am afraid hallmark have no card for fathers like yourself. Go someplace, sit down and shut-up. You have no point, other than to show how stupid you are for nothing. Even if it was stage, so what! That just makes them smarter than you and can make more money than you…Hence why you are no longer their manager.

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