Rev. Al Sharpton talks about the injustice in Ferguson, Missouri around the killing of Michael Brown and presiding over the funeral of the unarmed teenager.

“It’s a very solemn day for the family. The father and mother found the strength to go to the Peace Rally they have every year in St. Louis. They wanted to go to thank the people for their support. The father called for a day of peace,” Sharpton says.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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2 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton On Michael Browns Funeral, Respecting Father’s Wish For Peace

  1. Celebrities and Media have flocked here for the funeral, but they are not doing any thing to encourage and/or support the effort to direct these young black boys. These young men are speaking poor English, tattooing there bodies up, wearing dreads, drinking, smoking and wearing sagging pants. Numerous of them have a criminal record and cannot get decent employment.

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