Did you hear the news about Beyonce‘s alleged surrogate coming forward with claims that she has proof that she carried Blue Ivy?

The Tom Joyner Morning Show landed an exclusive interview with the lawyer and you’ve got to hear the details!

Click the link above to hear the funny!

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9 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Alleged Surrogate Has Her Lawyer Talk To The TJMS [LISTEN]

  1. Goes to show what people wont do for money even to the point of trying to make their claims look legit by getting a lawyer (and there is one stupid lawyer willing to take this mess on in hopes it leads to other clients. NOT). And what is sad, there is always going to be a few stupid folks to believe these nutcases (often it because they do not like the celeb and willing to believe anything that will paint that celeb in a negative light or they are just stupid and gullible to believe the story even when what these liars say does not add up to what they claim). Look at what Michael Jackson has had to go through all of his life. Now MJ is gone and now Ms. B is the “hit” now and now she is getting it. MJ said it “people can tell a lie long enuf until some folks will start to believe it”.

  2. beyond is a wonderful lady and person. that whats wrong with the world now. people always looking for negative. byonce you are the best you rock. may the blessing of the lord be with you and your family. CAROLYN, FROM CINCINNATI

    • I agree Carolyn. I can sense Beyonce is a sweet and humble girl. She is as good as it get. But you know, people are going to hate. Jesus was PERFECT and some folks hated on him and he had to die so we know we are nothing and not above it.

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