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VH1 is getting ready to deliver something really juicy with the premiere of “Atlanta Exes,” and we’ve got a few hints about what you’re going to see!

Just from watching the trailer (above) you’ll see sparks will fly when Torrei Hart, Tameka Raymond, Sheree Buchanan, Monyetta Shaw and Christina Johnson come together for the “Hollywood Exes” spin-off that will premiere next week (August 18)! I got my hands on a copy of “Atlanta Exes” premiere, and you won’t want to miss it! Here are five tidbits about what’s about to go down!

1. Tameka’s Going To Be The “Villain”

If Tameka was hoping that “Atlanta Exes” would help people to understand her a little better and make them more sympathetic, she’s going to be incredibly disappointed. From what I’ve seen of the premiere so far, Tameka throws so much shade she may as well be an umbrella! She comes off pretty judgmental–and she’s got no qualms about it. Beyond that, she keeps lamenting how no one can really understand her pain because she has “more of it” than the rest of them.

2. Fabulous Natural Styles

Tameka might be the certified fashionista of the group, but I noticed that Christina does a lot of really great things with her braids! Take notes, beauties, because she’s going to be offering up some style inspiration for the naturalistas.

3. Case Of The Ex

At least two of the ladies still have their ex-husbands in their lives in a major way–outside of just co-parenting! While some of the cast members aren’t looking to get back with their former spouses, there’s still a lot of mutual love (or at least physical attraction) for the others.

4. Memories

At least two exes are still holding onto major artifacts from their failed high-profile relationships–and one of them is still living with her ex!

5. Torrei vs. Tameka

Torrei’s fairly new to Atlanta, and she’s still getting to know other girls on the cast. From what she’s seen so far, she is not feeling Tameka’s attitude! Torrei has a major problem with the way Tameka speaks to people, so they’re going to bump heads fairly early on–and DJ Tracey Steele of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” will get caught in the middle. It’s not like Kevin Hart’s ex will need the help because Tameka is going to meet her match in Torrei!


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