Tamar Braxton talks to the TJMS about the newest season of Braxton Family Values, the new season of ‘The Real’ and much more.

“This season is really about everybody coming into their own and everybody trying to figure out where they fit in their sisterhood,” Braxton says.

So with the accelerated drama captured by cameras, are the sisters good?

“This is the first time where we’re all mother’s and wives so it changes the dynamic,” she says.

The new season of Braxton Family Values airs tonight, Thursday, August 14th on WeTV at 9pm EST.

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7 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Talks Fitting In With Her Sisters, New Season Of ‘Braxton Family Values’ Airs Tonight

  1. I think the “Braxton’s” really love and respect each other behind closed doors. This is “television” and most won’t watch without drama. Why should any of them be jealous of each other? Their parents raised them better! Tamar has a new show and much congrats for that. They all have an opportunity to branch out but all are making money from the show. Towanda has no reason to be jealous, she looks great for 40 and keeps it real. Let’s pray they keep making money and bank it! Great reality show, in my opinion.

  2. Tamar needs to be very careful because she is going to appear this fall on a talk show, and allowing her sister to shed negativity on a sister relationship is not good for her upcoming show. Viewers will start to weigh in on that if she doesn’t nip it in the bud. This will not be good for her on her talk show, I bet they will not renew her contract the next season if she doesn’t distance herself from Towanda negativity.

  3. I will agree that Towana appears to be very jealous of her sister Tamar. It must be hurtful to watch your youngest sister marry (despite his health) a strong brother who brings home the bacon. Tamar has made a name for herself. I just hope she ‘tames it down’ a bit. It’s to over-bearing and takes shine away from the other girls whenever they all get together. She’s a mother, wife & celebity, and should be reminded that she doesn’t have to do all of that. Beyonce is proof of that !

  4. Towanda is very Jealous of Tamar. Tamar is the same it is Towanda who has changed. Towanda picks an argument for attention just like the big Meltdown she had the first episode. Towanda is Sickening

  5. I am SIck to Death of Towanda. Towanda has a problem with everything Tamar does cuz Towanda is jealous of Tamar. Tamar acts the same it’s Towanda’s argumentative self who is bringing the show down. Towanda is mean and hateful. I had to turn the Tv cuz Towanda’s major meltdown to bring the attention back to her was sickening

  6. carmen on said:

    Good Grief she looks worse and more like a clown that plastic face, nose job, cheek reduction as a matter of fact all the Braxton chicks look like mannequins/clowns including the momma.

  7. Who cares about the Braxton sisters? The only one with any real talent is Toni Braxton!!!!!!—
    another season of their show–ugh!!!!!

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