It’s been almost a week since unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, and still no answers.

More eyewitnesses are coming forward, like Piaget Crenshaw and Tiffany Mitchell who in an exclusive live interview with CNN told me they saw Brown standing outside the police car trying to wrest his arm away from the officer’s grip.

The officer, they say, was still inside the police car.

The young lady’s attorney, Peter Cohen, who happens to be white, conveyed to me in the same interview what is perhaps the most simple and sensible statement I’ve heard thus far.

We need to address the fact that in Ferguson, Missouri black drivers and people are stopped more often than whites even though the whites who are stopped are more often carrying illegal contraband.

We need to address the fact that Ferguson, Missouri is not an outlier.

Official government statistics show that the same thing happens in cities and towns all over the United States.

We need to address the fact while we don’t know exactly what went down between Brown and the officer that many people in this country are more likely to give the officer the benefit of the doubt rather than an unarmed black teenager.

“He must have been doing something or the officer would not have stopped him or killed him.”

How many times have you heard that, especially from white people in this country?

We need to address the fact that many white people in this country refuse to even allow the possibility that there is a double standard when it comes to the way black men are perceived and treated in American society on a daily basis, on the street, at work, at the grocery store, at the mall, everywhere.

Earlier this year President Barack Obama launched a nationwide imitative called ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ to address the issues facing black men in America.

That program isn’t just for black people to help black men.

It’s for all people to help black men.

It’s time for the white people who are in willful denial to break the cycle and become their black brother’s keeper.

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38 thoughts on “Don Lemon Says It’s Time For White People To Be Their Black Brother’s Keeper

  1. Jermaine on said:

    I submit that white people have been ‘keeping’ Blacks for the last 500 years and there in lies the problem. Don Lemon must be on some new kind of drug.

  2. MsBrandi on said:

    Huh? Don, I don’t know what bubble you’ve been in for the past few decades but black people don’t even support each other. How can you call white people to do something that black people haven’t managed to do yet.

  3. The answer is simple: TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECT. If EVERYONE followed this rule and law, there would be no problems; however, many people do not want to follow it and that is the problem.

  4. demp109 on said:

    Russia Today, a state-funded English-language news network that portrays itself as showing views more mainstream Western outlets wouldn’t publish, has covered the riots extensively. One popular Russian Web site has labeled Russia’s crisis as “AfroMaidan” and says that Americans have “prejudice towards African-Americans … in their blood.”

  5. Albert H on said:

    An Open Letter to St. Louis

    To The Local Government:

    What is our resolve, who do we turn to? How does one (any citizen) protect him/herself from the long arm of the law-legally? How does one obtain justice if a system of profiling is in place against us?

    Have we trained our officers to protect and serve or intimidate and destroy? When is a citizen allowed to physically protect him/herself when being attacked by a rouge police officer? Is our only option 100% compliance even if the result is our own death?

    My hands are up, I’m on my knees, I have fully surrendered myself to an individual in a police uniform that hates the color of my skin and the tone of my voice. What do I do if he or she fires a shot (during compliance) that hits or misses me?

    Am I allowed to run or simply surrender and die? At what point are we allowed to use common sense if we believe our lives are in danger and a rouge police officer is the perpetrator? What is my resolve? What is our resolve?

    To The Local People:
    What are our intentions? Are we out for blood or justice? Of course the goal is justice! Are we going to obtain justice by destroying local businesses and residential properties that are owned by local citizens and business owners, that had no hand in firing the fatal shot that killed Mr. Brown?

    What is our goal? Justice? Or are we ready to become the destroyers of the rights we ourselves expect to be upheld? “No justice No peace” does not mean violence, it means unity and no silence until our voices are heard and the answers to our questions without equivocation is justice!
    Justice for Mr. Brown, and justice for every black and brown face that is tired of pleading for justice! Tired of burying those gunned down due to violence and discrimination.

    Yes we are outraged! And honest answers will not bring back Mr. Brown, but honest answers will show us “the people” that the police department and officials don’t perceive us as looters and hoodlums looking for a fight. Yet, understand and acknowledge that we are respectable and productive citizens with the right to expect: justice, honesty and transparency!

    And the right to press the issue in our search for justice! What are our intentions? Are we out for blood or justice? Of course our goal is justice!
    But at what point does the tired voice yield to the hand, and at what point does the unheard become the sword?
    Let us all pray for justice!

  6. “It’s time for the white people who are in willful denial to break the cycle and become their black brother’s keeper.” <- I would hope that this statement is insulting to all of the black community. They should be their own keepers – not become economically enslaved to white people.

    Many of my ancestors bled and died died to free his ancestors and I, for one, am not willing to give any more. Black America, be proud of your heritage and stand on your own and do what is necessary on your own.

  7. Joe Shmoe on said:

    Many of us evil white devils are not descendants of slave owners, rather we descend from, in my case, poor Irish and Italian immigrants who came to country in the late 1800’s. Correct me if I am wrong, but are not most African Americans descendants of both black slaves and slave owners?

  8. KeepingItReal on said:

    This is why black people continue to be oppressed in 2014. Black people…especially black males…need to learn how to defend themselves…their families and their communities. White people owe black people NOTHING. White men already saved black men during the Civil War…what more do black males want? Either protect yourself or GET ABUSED!!!!!

    • Oh please, white man caused the problem in the first place. Whites did not save the black man from nothing. I do agree at this time what blacks should depend of themselves. To depend on another race is stupid and at the end of the day when that race is tired of you, they will stab you in the back.

  9. Yes, I agree. Black people need outside help to prevent the killings of black men by the hands of white men and police. There is a need for outside help to prevent the single mother epidemic, crime mentality, or the thoughts that when it’s all bad, it’s all good. There also a need to help black people see the ghetto for what it is…not fabulous, but abject poverty. They need help with not turning their neighborhoods into a war zone.

    • Maggie on said:

      You are so right. People need to stop looking at racial problems as though they just sprang up from nowhere and instead need to address the issues you mention which are a direct cause of those problems. Thank you.

  10. Its been going on but blacks are afraid to t a lk about it.white folks are running everthing in this country and are prejudice when it comes to blacks.many of our black attorneys and politicians are all sold offices are discriminating as well.its everywhere.

  11. We see it on the news every night black on black crime no respect for black life and we wonder why they so quick to open fire on us? I’m not justifying this killing by any means but our issues must be resolved by the black race. We can’t continue to kill each other for silly petty disputes and then expect other races to respect us…

    • demp109 on said:

      You are so on point janey. How many children were murdered this weekend alone in Chicago; Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson’s home town, with no outcry from the media or local black elected officials.

  12. Blacks want Whites to be their keepers? OK, have them drop to their knees and beg to be re-collared. Then we’ll be their keepers. Until then, they need to act like human men and women if they want to be treated as such.

  13. Until black people start respecting one another white people will never respect us . Had another 18 year black shot him no one would care except his family. We would be out there talking about don’t snitch..the black race is jacked up right about now

  14. ugoji o.a on said:

    There will always be racists and racism.People hold on to things that are profitable.Racism is anchored by greed. The white man profits socially,politically and economically from this great evil.He will no more give up racism than the drug dealer will willingly give up his harmful trade.Unless the profit from racism is eliminated,the white man will always practice it

  15. How did Don Lemon get so stupid and naïve? Unless he’s using the Michael Brown tragedy to promote his interracial gay sex agenda. How despicable!

  16. How did this POS named GOD get onto our website spouting his or her RACIST dribble????–go back to TWITTER WHERE YOU BELONG!

  17. Timekeeper on said:

    rong again juanita. I reach out to people of a colors, shades and ethinc groups every day. You see, I have no choice. I am a black man working in an almost all whte company. I go thru the give and take every sinlge day of my life. I, as many of my contemporaries live this :dual” life every day. d in almost every single case, we are the ones offering all of the professional, social and job related giving and taking. Is funny that you call me a racist. A while back you were staitng at how open minded you are then, at the drop of a hat you go to the lowest common denominator that most whites do when they are called on their, shall we say; Lack of understanding. Michelle Bauchman would be proud.

  18. Juanita,

    You are a rare breed of White person who has acknowledged and apologizes for what your ancestors have done to my people.

    However, what about the rest of your brethren?

    Most Whites cringe whenever the topic of SLAVERY AND REPARATIONS come up in this country and both of these issues need to be addressed in the 21st century.

    In order for this country to ever heal, it must first reach out to those who have been hurt-and continue to be hurt-African Americans!!!!

    • Timekeeper on said:

      Cringe is an understatment. Their knees buckle, their teth chatter and the hairs stand up on the back of their neck, too!!

      • Juanita on said:

        Timekeeper: Your attitude is no different than the white southern hillbillies. I never said that racism doesn’t exist, I said that not all whites are racist. I live in St. Paul, in a mixed racial community, and we get along just fine. Maybe you should start being part of the solution instead of the problem.

    • Timekeeper on said:

      Wrong again juanita. I reach out to people of a colors, shades and ethinc groups every day. You see, I have no choice. I am a black man working in an almost all whte company. I go thru the give and take every sinlge day of my life. I, as many of my contemporaries live this :dual” life every day. d in almost every single case, we are the ones offering all of the professional, social and job related giving and taking. Is funny that you call me a racist. A while back you were staitng at how open minded you are then, at the drop of a hat you go to the lowest common denominator that most whites do when they are called on their, shall we say; Lack of understanding. Michelle Bauchman would be proud.

  19. As a white parent & grandparent I take every opportunity to point out racial injustices. And there are many. My oldest daughter was a RA in her dorm. She organized the ONLY patch of aids quilt from Purdue. One of her black residents had a class with me & said to me I did a great job teaching my kids to accept.each person as an individual. But it took me years to teach my relatives

  20. Juanita on said:

    How about some open, honest dialogue? I work in an elementary school that is 70% minority. I love “my” kids and they love me. They don’t care that I’m white. But I’m not ignorant of the greater community. Blacks and whites are both missing progressive leaders to bring us together. I’m hoping the children will save us all.

    • demp109 on said:

      Sad, but true Timekeeper. This younger generation will not respond to the churches, and folk from the civil rights era of the 60’s.

  21. Don Lemon is naive to even have thoughts like this!!!

    Most White folks in this country could care less about African-Americans and we have seen this sinch Barack H Obama took the oath of President back in January of 2009!

    Ths country will never be POST-RACIAL until whites acknowledge their ugly history!

    What does need to happen is for us to UNITE and come together for the benefit of our communities!!!

    Stop killing each other over dumb stuff because no matter how much time you spend in prison you can never give back the life that you took!!!

    Help each other like we used to back in the day.

    Have respect for ourselves and for each other.

    stop looking for acceptance from White folks because we will probably never receive it!!!!!!

      • Juanita on said:

        Timekeeper, maybe you should try reaching out to someone who looks different than you. You are as racist as any white person I’ve ever met. Being black is not a license to hate white people. Thank god my neighbors don’t share your narrowmindedness. You are looking for an excuse to divide.

    • Juanita on said:

      So untrue. I’m white and I’m very accepting of black people. I’m sorry for what my ancestors did to your ancestors. Unfortunately neither one of us can go back and change it. White racists don’t speak for me any more than black criminals speak for you.

      • Timekeeper on said:

        Dear Juanita.
        It is so very nice to hear of your acceptance of us. tha is mighty white of you. should we applaud or perhaps wait for a standing ovation. your er, uh, aceptance doesnt change the facts above about a post racist society that doesnt exist, becuase it doesnt. your comments, while they appear to be liberating, in fact express the same narrow minded views many of your contemporaries have in that, simply becuase they themselves arent racist that some how it isnt true. Well, It Is. Im sure you meant well, though, nice try.

      • seriously on said:

        Juanita you are full of shit or too ignorant to give an intelligent informed response. What your ancestors did is one thing…We are not talking about that, you seem to skipped over the civil rights movement…that killed man, woman and child, you skpped over the bombing an lynching etc…James Bryd, the continual bombing of black churches in the south in the 2000’s, the Tuskegee experiment etc…In which these people are not dead ancestors they are very much alive. Or the voting suppression that is currently in effect and blacks are still fighting for their voting rights….The only time you people pop up is to tell us it is not all white people and we should learn to come together. However, you skip all over the 2014 racism of racial profiling, stop and frisk, voter suppression, police brutality. Yet, someone else is narrowminded.. Yet you want to talk about ancestor shit, because you know they are dead….bullshit…kkk and its supporters are very much alive.

        However, Don Lemon is full of shit as well, you really cannot have a dialogue with people who would killed, enslave, and rape women and children.

        My hope is that black come together and realize we only have each other and only black folks can help and support black folks. Juanita, it is just an irritant to make us believe is all about slavery and ancestorial shit, when we know it is about the killing of an unarmed man, it is about black being targeted unjustly, it is about an 79 year old black female judge being slapped and called Rosa Parks…If white are so sympathetic and let’s get along…These issues would already be put to bed…together under equal justice.

        Black people the only dialogue needed is with each other, starting with respect and unity, economic advancements, support one another. Mentor and help each other and pull each other up not down.

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