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Tia Mowry is not here for your criticism of her son, Cree. When she posted a photo of the two enjoying some mommy/son bonding, Internet critics were quick to jump on Cree’s hairstyle, an unexpected look for a little boy. Some commenters even thought Tia was with a little girl. Click over to see the style that had Tia’s fans in tizzy.

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19 thoughts on “Son Of A Bun: Tia Mowry Responds to Fans Criticizing Son’s Hair [PHOTO]

  1. It’s hair! Who cares? If you don’t like how the boy’s hair look, go have a child and let him/her wear it like you want it.

  2. Stop always spying and snapping pics and you wouldn’t see everything to criticize about celebs, jeesh, get your own life!

  3. What is the big deal about his hair? Worry about the important things. First was Blue Ivy’s hair now it’s Cree. Worry about what’s going with our President, cancer research, the homeless.

  4. T. Thomas on said:

    Tia, don’t worry about the naysaysers!! Cree’s hair is awesome! Hair does not define who you are! Naysayers find something else to complain about and leave this child alone!

  5. Ms. Thang on said:

    It wouldn’t matter if you put his hair in many plaits braids something would still be said he a cutie, girl tell the haters to step off enjoy life as it is. People have nothing better to do than to find something to talk about. Tell them to pick up a book better yet THE BOOK (BIBLE)

  6. Who cares!?!? Really!!!

    Public – if you have nothing better to do than make yourself feel better by commenting on dumb things like some celebrate kid’s hair style… you’re pathetic.

    Celebrities – STOP SHARING EVERY DAMN MOMENT OF YOUR PERSONAL LIVES!! If you don’t want folks to comment, keep it between you and your family.

    This seems real simple for both sides of this stupid equation.

    Both sides grow up and stay in your own damn lane!!

  7. I wonder who’s picking on her son hair….hmmmm mostly Black people… Hypocrites! Yeah I know it you. Tia didn’t have marry a Black man…Somebody please tell Mixed people they don’t have to prove themselves to us (Black folk) Love white people Love All people. Mixed people never feel accepted by either side regardless of what ethnic background they come from…Ya just jealous.

  8. to each his own but those styles make boys look like girls and the mom’s think it’s cute but certainly – not manly looking at all.

  9. Jackie on said:

    I think some people need to get a life. If all you have to worry about is how someone else does their child’s hair, you don’t have a LIFE!!!! It’s not your child.

  10. Our people are so quick to judge and label for something as simple as the color clothes or a hairstyle one chooses to wear. Get a life!

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