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Meagan Good is going to bat for her young female fans.

The “Think Like A Man Too” actress made a point of setting the record straight regarding rumors she bleached her skin by addressing the issue directly on Instagram.

Realizing how such talk can warp the young minds of little girls and how she could easily avoid the topic, Good aired out her theories on what may have caused the rumors while displaying pride in how she looks.

The following is Meagan Good’s response to the skin-bleaching rumor, which was posted on Instagram with a baby picture of the entertainer to show how fair her skin really is:

I can’t believe I’m actually going to address this nonsense lol … Buuuut I have young women who follow me – so I think its important to give clarity because I believe that black and every other color is beautiful .. This is for those who believe that I would actually bleach my face and entire body to try to be lighter skin smh …. Umm No Ma’am. First off? I LOVE my complexion- no matter what side of the spectrum I’m at at any particular time… My skin looks various different ways for various reasons – from lighting to makeup of photography or something as simple as weather and what coast on working on at any given time… This is my complexion-the one I was born with… I tend to get lighter and darker depending upon how much sun I do or don’t get. I looove the sun I’m a Cali gal, but as I’ve gotten older and especially more recently, since I’ve gotten into my 30s, I tend not to be in the sun as much because it ages your skin terribly. Simply put -i’m opting to preserve my skin by protecting it and only making exceptions for vacations… Also for the rest of the people who feel as though my blonde hair is yet another way to look more caucasian? “”GET. YO. LIFE. “”…. I went blonde for the same reason I went purple …and for the same reason I’ll probably go Green at some point ..because I felt like it. Once again , I acknowledge I really shouldn’t have taken the time to respond to this foolishness, but I felt moved to say something for every little brown girl that follows my page …I’m proud to be me brown or tan, thick or thin, natural hair or weave or dyed purple or green. Godbless.

What do you think? Do you believe her?

Lighting vs. Lightening OR Black & Bleached
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(Photo Source: Instagram)

16 thoughts on “Meagan Good Directly Addresses Skin Bleaching Rumors

  1. I was wondering if that article was still on the yahoo site. What reason was it time for that article?
    I was interested. Although, there are sinister skin (freaks), people, who would attempt a “feel”; even through electric means. There are more pressing issues today. And! There’s nothing wrong with MS.Good’s skin. Is this food for a new movie coming out? I’d watch it; unless it’s a comedy. A good, sexy horror flick would be nice…

  2. She is a lovely young woman in the entertainment arena; sometimes you change your hair or nails or eyelashes big whoo. I agree Meagan “Get Yo Life” as DMX put it “Do you; and I’m a Do ME”

  3. CarlaW on said:

    If you have acne scars, that the only reason to use bleaching cream to even your skin tone. All that other stuff is just vanity.

  4. Chrissy on said:

    Our skin does change as we get older I used to be brown skinned and I’ve got lighter as I got older. The same with my mother she was light skinned now her skin is changing to brown.

  5. packers on said:

    “For the rest of the people who feel as though my blonde hair is yet another way to look more caucasian? “”GET. YO. LIFE. “”…. I went blonde for the same reason I went purple …and for the same reason I’ll probably go Green at some point ”

    Hey Mac Ben and Jiggy, Megan is talking to you.

  6. Ms. Thang on said:

    If she did than so what? Let people think what they want they are going to think what they want no matter what you say.continue to hold your head up and move forward.

  7. seriously on said:

    She should not have addressed the issue, because the black folks who are always whining about dark skin people vs. light skin is ridiculous and no explanation can stop ones own self hatred, I mean so what if she did? I would think with the state of black America, one would have more to worry about that a black person a shade lighter or darker, either want help you if you are black in America. Just ask blue-eye black Vanessa Williams…

  8. I am also a woman of color and just like Meagan I am darker in the summer and lighter in the winter. If she stated she doesn’t bleach her skin why can we not give her the benefit of the doubt and leave it at that?

  9. She looks a mess with that Blonde Hair as all Black Women do! The green, blue and purple hair looks a mess as well! She has lighten her skin and it’s so sad!

    • June my dear, didn’t she just provide a very heartfelt response to the “bleached skinned” issue? I for one applaud her for responding to such a stupid issue on behalf of many young girls/ladies who follow her page or fashion trends.

      To me it’s her skin, her hair and her body to do with it whatever pleases her. Your comments are nasty and very disrespectful and SILLY! Honestly June, you sound extremely jealous of Meagan to me.

      • I agree Lorraine. I think often time some folks have “wishful thinking”. MOST blacks skin changes whether if they know it or not. In the summer, most blacks skin gets darker naturally, and in winter, our skin gets lighter. And if you are blacks who go into the sun, you skin get darker, and if you are blacks who stay in doors alot, use facial cleaning products, take baths alot, your skin get a little lighter than normal. And remember, these actors have lighting.

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