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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is filming its season seven. And allegedly, this is helping Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes repair their friendship.

“It’s a friendship. We had a rough patch and I’m really looking forward to moving forward with her,” Bailey said to WCCB’s QC Scene.

Bailey seemed pretty optimistic about patching things up with Leakes. She added, “I will always have love for NeNe regardless of whether we’re besties or not.”

But didn’t Leakes make it clear she would never be friends with Bailey again on multiple occasions in the past few months? But Bailey hinted at a new friendship.

“You just have to watch the show to see how the dynamics of our relationship, friendship has changed and evolved,” she said.

But could it be Bailey is too optimistic? Leakes seemed to lash out at her via Twitter.

“Isn’t it funny when people r tryin 2 use you & think u don’t know it! How do u handle it?”

She added Bailey is trying to selling her soul and then deleted the tweet with a photo of a $1 bill.

“The problem with selling your soul and making a deal with the Devil for money is that it NEVER works out in the end,” Leakes said.

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8 thoughts on “Cynthia Bailey Would Like to Start A New Friendship with NeNe Leakes

  1. Oh nooooo, say it ain’t so…..Cynthia, please do yourself a favor and spare yourself the embarrassment of kissing NoNo’s behind on National TV. I thought you said you were ‘classy’. There is nothing classy about a grown woman running behind a loud mouth bully for relevancy.

  2. Why is Cynthia kissing Nene’s ass?

    From what I saw of their relationship on the show last season, I would just leave it be.

    Black women do not know how to be friends with one another without DRAMA/PETTINESS, JEALOUSY!!!!

  3. seriously on said:

    Actually judging from these comments…It is so sad to see women tear down each other like this and the truth Leakes and Bailey are just an on screen version of the reality of female/females relationships. Both women needs to move on and find other friends…Which is why I do not watch these types of reality shows. Because I prefer my friends to be more like me, which is the everybody except me crowd..They are just more progressive and successful in life and moreso genuine friends…These type of women never get what you say about someone is only a reflection on what you are….

  4. carmen on said:

    HeHe and old man Greg are doing exactly what she is stating “sell your soul to the devil” no wait, she and old man Greg is the devil, therefore Cynthia you sold your soul to the devil NeNe HeHe) Leaks. Bring Kim back as a guest off and on, because of their over a decade long friendship she knows more dirt on HeHe than any of the others will ever know.

  5. carmen on said:

    Or maybe because she’s a washed out old model and need a job that pays a decent salary so she continues to suck up to HeHe for job security.

  6. carmen on said:

    Why is she so obsessed with HeHe? Of couse HeHe loves Cynthia’s obsession because she’s a bully and a grown woman with issues from her childhood.

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