Looks like the fire is still burning hot between Kim and Kanye!

The Queen of selfies was in action yet again, snapping a photo of her and Mr. West sharing an intimate moment between the two.

Kim Kardashian

Kim captioned the photo, #ElevatorKiss and of course rumors are swirling about insinuating the two were throwing shade at Beyonce and Jay Z, who were famously involved in their own little elevator situation a few months prior.


If you can believe the rumors, apparently Kim has been subtly throwing shade around for a while now.

Are we really meant to believe Kim just happened to post a photo of her and Kanye being very romantic in an elevator, days after Beyonce referenced the invention and amidst constant talk of a Jay-Z/Beyonce divorce?

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time Kardashian tweaked her famous rival in a passive aggressive manner.

In late July, Kim posted a photo of West in a ski mask, writing that her husband is a #StyleIcon and seemingly dissing Beyonce and Jay-Z for their On the Run tour poster, which features the superstars donning their own ski masks.

Kardashian also emphasized at the time that Kanye wore his accessory “#LastYear,” strongly hinting that he beat Jay-Z to this fashion punch and that the latter is nothing but a follower.

Beyonce and Jay-Z, of course, did NOT attend Kim and Kanye’s wedding in May, fueling rumors that the long-standing feud between these women has once again been ignited.

What do you think? Will we ever look at an elevator the same?

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(Photo Source: Instagram)

3 thoughts on “SHADE OR NAH? KimYe Post Elevator Selfie [LOOK]

  1. Who cares–if the press would stop paying this folks so much attention, maybe they would both just go somewhere and hide!!!!!—

    Why isn’t Kim home taking care of her baby Northwest? Oh, she probably has nannies doing that for her!!!!!!—

    So much more important issues to be reporting about besides the Kimye’s!!!!!

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