Michael Brown, 18-years old, another unarmed black man gunned down, killed by the very people who are supposed to protect and serve.

I spoke to his mother and father last night on CNN.

The only way to describe the interview is heartbreaking.

Her best friend, she said, gone in an instant.

His mother believes that on Saturday night, as he walked down the street, he became an unwitting  victim of something that happens all too much in America, racial profiling.

Police say Michael had a confrontation with police which lead to the shooting.

His parents and eyewitnesses say not true.

They say he had his hands up in a surrender pose.

The Ferguson, Missouri Police Department has turned over the investigation to St. Louis Police and the FBI has stepped in to assist in the investigation.

The unidentified officer has been placed on leave.

The mother and father are now left without their beloved son, gone too soon.

She broke down during our interview.

During our interview Michael Brown’s father wore a t-shirt with his son’s picture on it and the words “no justice” emblazoned across the front.

Their attorney, Benjamin Crump who represented Trayvon Martin’s family is vowing that in the end the message on that shirt will prove untrue; that one day soon there will be justice for Michael Brown and his family.

The whole world is watching.

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9 thoughts on “Michael Brown’s Mother Tells Don Lemon Police Killed Her Best Friend

  1. When will we learn as a people, we have no power that is why anyone including police officers can kill a black men and get away with it. We need to get educated (advanced degrees like science, technology etc) stop being the biggest consumer (weekly air jordan release) and use our economic power to get things done. we need to stress education to our children its not a option and we need to boycott the foolish rap music being pumped into our children, we are the only race that glorifies thugs and dope dealers (lil boosie being released from prison) why should this be in the news he’s s felon! Wake up Black people!!!!!!!!

  2. Too many mothers are losing their sons, too many wives losing their husband’s–this URBAN GENOCIDE NEEDS TO STOP!!!!

    My heart is full for Mr and Mrs Brown who have lost their child to a senseless act of MURDER!!!!

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