Keyshia Cole is returning to BET for her third reality show, and she’s bringing Nelly with her!

Nearly every time Keyshia has had a major milestone in her life, BET has been there to film it. According The Hollywood Reporter, the unraveling of her marriage will be no different because she’s signed on for an as-yet untitled series with the network.

The show, airing in six 30-minute episodes, is set to follow Keyshia as she copes with an unstable marriage while working on new music and raising a son.

THR reports that she’ll be dealing with some other family struggles as well, so I’m wondering if Frankie Lons and Neffe Pugh will be popping up on the new series at all. This new series could be why Keyshia wasn’t feeling the family therapy project that Frankie and Neffe’s were trying to bring to TV.

After “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” and “Keyshia & Daniel: Family First,” this new project will be Keyshia’s third reality show with BET.

While the network is bringing back an old favorite, it’s also made space in the lineup for Nelly and his girlfriend, Shantel Jackson (aka Floyd Mayweather’s ex)!

Nelly, 39, will be acting as the executive producer on the show from Entertainment One series. With eight one-hour episodes set to air on BET, this show will give fans a look inside the “Hot In Herre” rapper’s life.

There’s no word on what this might do to Nelly’s role on BET’s other hit show “The Real Husbands Of Hollywood,” which was up for Teen Choice Award this year. This would be great fodder for Kevin Hart to hate on next season!


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