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OK, you ready for another crazy, er, interesting Beyonce marriage problem story?

Yep, we thought so. Celebrity gossip site Radar Online is reporting that she may be dumping her longtime Dutch born bodyguard, Julius de Boer.

Why you ask? Well, some say he’s involved with the marriage mess the diva is widely rumored to in with Jay Z. The site is reporting that the security company that assigned de Boer to protect Bey has launched a search for a new “Fulltime Executive Protection Officer.” And then Radar asks this provocative question: “Could she be ready to fire de Boer to save her marriage?”

Sunday night at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, de Boer was an awkward third wheel during Beyonce and Jay Z’s couples finale. “The two of them walked off the main stage to a stage at the fifty yard line together,” an eyewitness tells Radar. “But Jay Z walked five feet in front of Beyonce without looking behind, and it was Julius who carried her train and made sure she got to the stage OK. It was very bizarre.”

Indeed, that scene has played out several nights a week as the couple have made their way across the country. And de Boer is by her side during off-work hours as well, most recently hanging with the couple at a basketball game in May in New York. He was also at the center of the couple’s infamous Met Ball elevator brawl with Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles in May.

In June, a report in Star magazine claimed Beyonce and the hired muscle may have had a romance.

“Jay definitely thinks that there was and may still be something romantic going on between Bey and Julius,” a source told Star at the time. “He wanted to fire Julius last February, but Beyonce said, ‘Julius isn’t going anywhere.’”

Indeed, he stayed by her side, but now Radar has learned his company is hiring — and the candidate they’re searching for sounds like someone who could be a fitting replacement.

But then when RadarOnline put in a call to the security company, RAD, they wouldn’t confirm or deny whether deBoer was being let go or not. Meanwhile reps for Jay Z nor Beyonce wouldn’t speak to the site either.

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