In an effort to raise awareness about surviving rape, veteran actress Tisha Campbell-Martin revealed a family secret on The Daily Helpline, a nationally syndicated talk show that features therapy experts who answer questions from callers,  in-studio audience members and guests, about addiction, trauma and grief counseling.

Campbell-Martin sat on a panel of experts and bravely revealed that she’d been raped at age three. This was the first time she’s publicly announced the memory of her childhood.

The reason why I can absolutely say this to you without judgment or anything else, and this is the first time I ever said this on camera in front of millions, national, people, is that I too have been a victim of the same thing. When I was 3 I was raped, by an older person. Now I knew as a child I did nothing wrong and that this wasn’t my fault, but I found forgiveness in the guilt that I might’ve had.

Kudos to the Martin actress for being selfless enough to reveal a dark secret at an attempt to help someone else.

Watch the entire video above.

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(Video Source: YouTube)

3 thoughts on “Tisha Campbell-Martin: ‘When I Was 3, I Was Raped’

  1. outstandingworldcitizen on said:

    Even though some people remember from 3 or 4 (which I do) not all do.

    If she were in fact raped or penetrated at 3, there would be internal damage. This is a fact. I think we should all use common sense before readily believing someone. This outpouring of sympathy is understandable to some degree. Because who would question the veracity of a statement about sexual assault. I was assaulted at the age of 7 or 8. It was a scary incident that sticks with me to this day. Even if I did not have that experience I know I would still have empathy for sexual assault. You need not experience something to have sympathy.

    But I must admit her confession gives me pause due to the physical damage she would have suffered.

  2. JazzyJoi on said:

    Tisha, I love you and applaud your strength!! People make false claims to get attention while literally insulting those who have really gone through something and have absolutely no way knowing what it feels like or how someone may be suffering in silence……for years!!! God Bless You Tisha!

  3. Amber on said:

    Stay strong. This is why it gets me that some folks want to make false claims against people when we have Y REAL child abuse/molestations cases going on. The fake and false claims seem to always make the news than the real abuse cases.

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