Houston, we have a problem.

For the second time, brazen thieves have heisted hair from Sense Beauty Supply, a Houston beauty supply store. The robbers used a vehicle to break through a wall in the store, then stole what Houston’s KHO-TV describes as several thousand dollars of hair extensions and some cash.

Not a week ago, another store, Beauty Sensation, also in Houston, was hit in a similar fashion – except this time thieves used a pickup truck to ram through the front door. In both cases, police say, the crimes were fast – just 2 minutes at each location, though police have not yet said if the crimes were connected.

SMH, people. We know weaves and hair are expensive, but damn.

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4 thoughts on “Snatchin’ Weaves – Robbers Make Off With More Hair In Texas

    • its lame to talk about black people on a black website . what about pale face hoes standing on the corner with stick legs and fake ass and french braids listen to nicki minaj trying to scoop a black man cause white men dicks are tiny asf lmaooo pale ass stfu

  1. sadly they both were black owned. these people really need to get jobs and stop preying on the hard working people of the community.

  2. Since most of the Beauty Supply stores are now owned by Koreans/Asians I say good!!!!!

    Back in the day the Beauty Supply Stores were predominately Black owned. I don’t know when the Korean’s/Asians decided to usurp this business!!!!!

    Weave hair can be expensive depending upon its quality-so I guess the thieves knew the value of what they were stealing!!!

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