Comedian and actor Affion Crockett stopped by the TJMS this morning and he brought the funny!

The funny man will be at the Arlington Improv Thursday-Sunday, but before he takes the stage, he brought the hilarity on air with his longtime friend, Tom Joyner.

Click the links below to hear the entire interview!


For iPhone: 

Affion does his his most famous impersonations. Click the link below to hear Jay Z, Chris Rock, Chris Brown and Russell Simmons talk to the Tom Joyner Morning Show.


For iPhone

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2 thoughts on “Jay Z, Chris Rock, Russell Simmons & Chris Brown Stop By The TJMS — By Way Of Comedian Affion Crockett [LISTEN]

  1. ’’ Skepticism’’

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    If I can’t be treated well
    Because of my nature,
    But I do have a mind
    And I also have a heart
    They’re aware of the
    Same brightness as all.

    Do not call me citizen
    If I have to be botched.
    Indeed, my DNA is hot
    Because Mississippi is
    Still burning.
    Quench then the fire, and
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    Into the melting-pot,
    Because of my backdrop, and
    The mine’s shabby boots are still
    At the Museums where they’re
    Aware of the same color as all…

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