NEW YORK (AP) — A chokehold used by a white police officer on a black New York City man during his arrest for selling untaxed, loose cigarettes last month caused his death, the medical examiner announced Friday, ruling it a homicide.

Eric Garner, 43, whose videotaped confrontation with police has caused widespread outcry and calls by the Rev. Al Sharpton for federal prosecution, was killed by “the compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police,” said medical examiner spokeswoman Julie Bolcer.

Asthma, heart disease and obesity were contributing factors, she said.

Chokeholds are prohibited by the New York Police Department. The case is being investigated by prosecutors on Staten Island, though Attorney General Eric Holder has said the Justice Department is “closely monitoring” the investigation.

The NYPD didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the medical examiner’s ruling. The officer who put Garner in the chokehold was stripped of his gun and badge pending the investigation, and another was placed on desk duty. Two paramedics and two EMTs were suspended without pay.

Police Commissioner William Bratton has said the officer appeared to have placed Garner in a chokehold and has ordered a top-to-bottom redesigning of use-of-force training in the NYPD.

In provocative comments Thursday, Sharpton called for the officers to be charged criminally. Sharpton believes chokeholds are used disproportionately on minorities.

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16 thoughts on “Eric Garner’s Death By Police Chokehold Ruled A Homicide

  1. Why is this knuckle dragging thug not in jail yet? If I committed a murder – on video no less, that’s where I’d be. Why is this renegade still free, going to work every day, as if nothing out of the ordinary happened? If he’s not arrested, charged and indicted, tried AND found guilty of murder, then the federal government needs to get involved to find out why. He literally murdered a man on camera. Outrageous.

  2. To Thankful White man– If Mr Garner’s death is not NYPD’s fault–then whose is it?

    Mr. Garner was not in the act of comitting any crime–he was minding his own business when the POS cops approached him and proceeded to choke him to death!!!!!

    You people always want to spin the story differently instead of facing the cold hard facts–the cops murdered this man!!!!!!

    NYPD and the EMT personnel should all be brought up on 1st degree Murder charges since the EMT people did nothing to assist Mr. Garner–they allowed him to lay on the sidewalk and choke to death rather than administer aid to him!!!!!!!!!

  3. LetsPrayforPEACE on said:

    Eric Garner was NOT armed, he was NOT committing a felony and he was NOT a threat to those police officers. Law enforcements job is to PROTECT and SERVE. Not to roam the streets like a bunch of cavemen being judge, jury and executioner. Don’t they have enough serious crimes to respond to/investigate rather than harassing a harmless civilian???! We already know that the chokehold is illegal in NY. I hope that justice will be served and the officers along with the EMTs will have to account for their crimes. What a legacy to leave to their families. RIP Mr. Garner; deepest condolences to his family.

  4. Cold blooded murder. The Police involved should be fired and convicted. The EMT’s should
    be fired. What do you think about the fact that the police and EMT’s stood there and did nothing to save the man while he lay their motionless.

    • ThankfulWhiteMan on said:

      STFU???? Is that all you got from your education? You must’ve been that kid calling hard working students oreos. If you took pride in yourself or your race you would know a blanket threat serves no purpose. It only deepens the divide. Grow up, get an education and learn to articulate yourself in a public forum.

  5. enoughisenough on said:

    This has been going on in nyc for over 40 years. And they keep getting away with it. The cops are too aggressive! and people are dying because of there aggression. they claim he was selling cigarettes, where is the evidence? why not taser him or mase him? the choke hold is prohibited why use it? some of them dont care for human life and feel they are above the law and will get away with anything. They went to far. The man said over and over again he cant breath. They went to far! Picture if it was your brother or your son or your father!

  6. DavisLady on said:

    I wish people would get their facts right before committing. THEY didn’t find anything illegal on him. HE was doing nothing wrong. Just standing and being black.

  7. Dangerous BlkMan on said:

    His only crime what having the audacity to be black in a white mans world. This is why I will not live anywhere near a city that has a white majority. And I dare any whites out their to try and move anywhere near me.

    • ThankfulWhiteMan on said:

      I’m glad to hear it! It should be no surprise too you that no decent person wants a racist criminal like you anywhere near them. We’re all pleased you want to be among your own. No self respecting White, Hispanic or Asian wants to live around you anyway. We know you think it’s all our fault. It’s not. You have the same rights as everyone else.

      To the family of Eric Garner, my heart and prayers go out to you. I hope to see real charges brought against his killers. My deepest sympathies. God bless you.

  8. Guest on said:

    This case is difficult because my daughter is always telling me “Mom please stop mouthing off. Just go peacefully and we will hire a good lawyer!!!” This guy was doing something illegal and resisted arrest BUT the police used an illegal choke hold. If nothing else I smell a HUGE settlement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Debra on said:

      How do U know he was doing something illegal? Oh, I forgot Police doesn’t Lie! When Pigs Fly I will believe the Police!

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