Chris Brown is enjoying life!

The singer is seemingly happy and most importantly, healthy.


While enjoying a brief vacation before he hosts a party in St. Tropez,  Brown was spotted on a yacht with friends in good spirits.

Noticeably fuller around the mid section, the Virginia native was photographed laughing and riding jet ski’s.


It didn’t take long for social media to blow up with the news of an “out of shape” Chris Brown. The hashtag #ThickBrown was created in minutes and became a trending topic on Twitter.

In an effort to not promote cyber bullying, we won’t post the cruel tweets, but we want to know, should it matter?

We’ve seen this over and over again. You gain a little weight (or a lot of weight) and you become the victim of bullying. We saw it with Kim Kardashian throughout her pregnancy and most recently with her brother Robert.

Chris can’t seem to win. Before his time spent in prison, he caught flack for “being too thin”. Allegations of drug use ran rampant as the singer pierced his nose and dyed his hair blonde for the second time.

He’s paid his debt to society. Can we just celebrate his recovery and new found positive outlook on life or should he be scrutinized and punished for every pound he gains?

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(Photo Source: Instagram)

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