If you don’t know Antoine Walker from his 13-year NBA career, you remember him as the ex-fiance of reality star, Evelyn Lozada. On “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn focused on Antoine’s infidelity being the cause of their split, but Antoine tells “The Russ Parr Morning Show” the real story.

Listen to the audio player to hear Antoine discusses losing $110 million and Evelyn leaving when money became tight. Antoine discusses how taking care of friends, family, gambling, and more played a role in the loss. Hear him reveal the biggest mistake he made when it came to his finances, and how he’s trying to prevent young players entering the league from making the same mistakes in this exclusive interview.

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7 thoughts on “Antoine Walker Discusses Evelyn Lozada Leaving Him After He Lost $110 Million [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

  1. Good Move Evelyn…Why would u stay with a Broke, Two Timing Dog…Kick his azz to tha curb….Look At tha Blessings that waz waiting 4 U…..Kudos U DIVA….He Waz A Non-Factor…..Mediocre…..Move On….She Dimissed ya Broke Azz…..

  2. Likewaterforchocolat on said:

    Not surprised. Evelyn is a hustling chick. She has the kind of love that costs a pretty penny. She was constantly talking about his cheating but the real deal is the fact that his cheating has a salary cap. Ok, so he was supposedly a dog, but for her it’s easier to love a rich Pitbull than a broke German Shepherd.

    • Debra on said:

      Even though she’s not a WW, she share the same mentality! You have to pay to lay! Dumb Leroy with a slave mentality, wanting a Light Bright or Half WW. So,as June said “No Better for Him”…

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