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I want to follow up on a subject I talked about last time.

Eric Garner, the man who died after an apparent chokehold by New York City Police, did not die in vain.

Here’s why.

All those videos that are rarely shown on the news, but are shared  all over social media,  of police officers all over the country pummeling suspects, are now being played everywhere from local public access channels to the network news.

Those videos are being highlighted, slow-mo’d and rewound with every second examined.

That was the man’s wife looking on.

He did die and the officers are all back on duty after Moore, Oklahoma prosecutors found the use of force justified.

In Atlantic City there’s a video of a 20-year old man who needed 200 stitches after being pummeled by police with batons for being underage in a casino.

In Albuquerque, there’s police video of an unarmed homeless man being shot in the back and killed by police.

Because there have been 26 officer involved shootings there since 2010 and not one single prosecution, the justice department is seeking federal supervision of the entire police department.

The grandmother seen on video being viciously beaten by a California Highway Patrol officer on an LA freeway on July 1st is still in the hospital with head injuries and has now filed a civil rights lawsuit.

Back in New York another video is going viral of another officer appearing to apply a chokehold and repeatedly punching the man in the head for sneaking into the subway.

Internal affairs is investigating.

There are too many to count and even fit into this commentary.

But I made a point yesterday and the day before to watch as many newscasts as I could.

The same story with the same title, “How Much Force Is Too Much force for Police?” was on every single one of those broadcasts both locally and nationally.

Just two days ago I ended my commentary right here on the TJMS by saying, “It’s time for New York’s mayor to have a come to Jesus with the NYPD and its commissioner.”

Low and behold, that same afternoon, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton announced sweeping changes and training in police tactics.

Bratton says they would be traveling to other cities throughout the country to learn how the NYPD can improve and what they can teach other departments.

43-year old Eric Garner was laid to rest in Brooklyn last night.

Wouldn’t’ it be something if someday he’s remembered for how he saved lives instead of how his life ended?

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