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Hide your butt cheeks when in Miami because cops are out here tasing everybody. NBA free agent Donte Greene knows about that first hand after he was on the receiving end of a taser when he got into a massive brawl with an NFL player in Miami hotspot Dream Nightclub.

According to reports, police arrived to the club on Sunday July 21st around five in the morning. They spotted Donte Greene in a very heated exchange with St. Louis Rams linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar. Security tried to separate and subdue both men to calm the melee. However, they were unsuccessful. The altercation escalated and punches were thrown by both parties and their respective entourages. Greene was seen coming up behind Dunbar and punching him in  the head and neck.

Cops claim they warned the NBA free agent to stop all of the madness, but he didn’t listen. As a result, the on police officer pulled out his taser gun and caught Greene in his lower back and right buttock with the taser gun. Once Greene was hit wight all of that electricity, he fell onto his back and the fighting stopped.

Both Dunbar and Greene were arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct. Donte Greene later apologized for his part in the fight while in police custody. He allegedly told police that Dunbar had “been after me for years since I got into the NBA. He was beating my brother and I had to do what I did.”



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