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“The Russ Parr Morning Show” shares sad news about a young woman named Jasmine Grady who died in a fatal car accident. Listen to the audio player to hear her family and friends’ request to have Drake sing at her funeral.

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2 thoughts on “Young Woman Dies In Car Accident, Family Wants Drake To Sing At Funeral [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Derek on said:

    The comments that have been made are unreal. Everyone acts as if they are not human any more and acts as if it is impossible to make dreams come true. The real Reality is that if you truly want something go after it. Believing something is impossible just shows how small of a thinker you are and how confined in a box you are. If everyone believed that what they want is only a fantasy and not reality then Bill Gates would not be here. Steve Jobs would not be here. Most of the artist that grew up in a life that would have made you cry everyday would not be here. They are who they are today only because they had a dream and they executed everything they needed to make it come to past. No one wants entitlement nor to be a god because their is only one true and living God. The only thing that anybody wanted was someone who loved Drake more than anything, someone who was saving up for his next concert so that she could finally get the chance she always wanted to see him, someone who Photoshopped her pictures with him because she adored him that much, to get her last dream. It is never too much. Nothing in this world is ever too much in this crazy society we live in. If it were your loved ones and they had a final dream and didn’t live to see it out, you would try your best to make it happen even if all else failed because it is not about what the dream is, but the fact, it was their last dream. This is not about entitlement or trying to be god or even trying to use her as an opportunity to see him. Not to mention it would not have been for free. This is about someones LAST DREAM! One more thing, yes she would have been able to witness it because only her bodied died. Her spirit lives on, not only in everyone that loved her, but also in Heaven. If you truly do believe in God then you should know that she would have been their to witness it. I’m sure God will would have allowed her to see the turnout for her being that God gives us the desires of our heart and that is the Word of God. If you believe in evil and the devil then you must believe in good and God, and to believe in either you must know that she would have been there to see it even if she was not physically present. It is a home-going celebration and not a funeral. A celebration of life. Everyone is so traditional these days but God said do not mourn but celebrate and again that is the Word of God. Society loves to blow things out of proportion and dilute any situation. Just let it be. Especially in situations like this snide comments definitely are not needed because it is ungodly and inhumane. It was a LAST DREAM nothing more nothing less.

  2. Even in the midst of grieving for their family member, this family’s priorities are totally screwed up. Why are they concentrating on begging a celebrity to come to their child’s funeral instead of concentrating on and holding each other up? A daughter dies, and the person to honor her at her homegoing is drake? Instead of a close friend, family or church member? Someone who actually knew and cared about her? Why? For the photo ops? Damn!

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