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Remember Rachel Jeantel?

It’s kind of hard to forget the then 19-year-old as she was a key witness in the case of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed Florida teen that was killed by George Zimmerman.

A year after Zimmerman’s acquittal, Jeantel surprisingly blames herself for the outcome that let her friend’s killer walk free.

She sat down with CNN to discuss her feelings on the case now, and if there was anything she’d change.

“A little bit,” Jeantel said.

When probed by the reporter on whether she wished she would’ve said something different or acted different, she responded with “acted different”.

Jeantel also shares her thoughts on the jurors and if she feels as if she had a fair shot.

According to her, she was judged based on her looks and speech.

In addition to generating criticism from experts and panelists, there were those on social media that practically tore the young woman apart due to her “lack of education”.

It was never brought up during the trial, but Jeantel had a third grade reading level.

Although the pain of her friend’s death still lingers, she finds comfort in knowing that she kept her promise to Trayvon and after an strenuous tutoring program she graduated from high school this spring.

Take a look at the entire interview above.

Should Rachel feel guilty? Was there anything she could’ve done differently?

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