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Here we go again.

A government leader is asked a question about the president and race and all hell breaks loose.

This time it’s U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

He took on the subject of race in America again and addressed the question about whether some of the opposition to President Barack Obama is based on the color of his skin.

Holder was responding to a question by ABC News’ Pierre Thomas about why Holder once said he and the President are sometimes treated differently.

When pressed by the reporter, Holder went on to explain more directly.

Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh pounced on the comments.

According to a transcript of his radio show Limbaugh says, “Not true, The Republicans bent themselves into as many shapes as they could to agree with this president. They went out of the way to praise Holder’s nomination. I’ll never forget that.”

Limbaugh went on to say it was all an effort then by Republicans to curry favor from the Obama administration and show that they were not bigots.

Others, accused Holder and the administration of, “playing on the fears and anxieties of minorities in hopes of scaring them to the polls in November.”

Jason Riley of The Wall Street Journal wrote that previous quote as part of an opinion piece for the newspaper.

And on CNN yesterday he told me that he would respond the same way that President Obama responded some years back when asked the same question as Holder.

Meaning that in his eyes and in the eyes of the opposition the criticism of the president is based solely on what the right calls his quote, “failed policies.”

As I always say, context is everything.

We should keep in mind that the interview was a wide ranging interview which included other topics than race.

We should also keep in mind that the attorney general was responding to a reporter’s questions about race and opposition the Obama administration.

And we should keep in mind that Holder prefaced his comments by saying he didn’t know what people were holding in their hearts and that he believed that ‘some’ of the opposition was based on race – not all.

So let’s just be honest, yes there are people who legitimately oppose the President because of ideology or they just don’t like his policies.

But, considering the history of this country wouldn’t it, at the very least, be disingenuous to say race plays no role for ‘some’ people who oppose the first black president?

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10 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Eric Holder’s Race Comments, “Context is Everything”

  1. The Truth on said:

    How can Holder talk about Racism in such an open fashion, when he allows the agencies he govern defend Racist?
    Take a poll and look at the Racism inside his agencies.
    Anyone who turns a blinds eye to Racism, is indeed a Racist too.
    Pot, meet Kettle.

  2. Dean on said:

    Well, Obama is not of the black race. He’s biracial, mixed or mulatto. He’s mixed race so his race is “mixed race”. So he’s of the white race and the black race.. And Obama is not of the African American ethnic group because African Americans are the descents of Africans enslaved and brought to America and Obama does not fit that definition. So he’s neither the first black President nor the first African American President.

    That being said, if you have half a brain, it’s clear that part of the opposition to Obama is due to his being part black. I’ve read many online comments that refer to him in unsavory terms (such as the N word) that are related to his being part black. Is that the only or predominant reason for opposition to Obama? Obviously not, but it’s a reason. And in America in 2014 that particular reason is all to common!.

  3. Justin on said:

    Interesting. I agree with the article, and with what Holder said, i.e. that President Obama’s race is the reason for some opposition to him. But the three comments before mine imply or directly say that most or all WP are racists. “Context” for HOLDER, yes.

  4. Timekeeper on said:

    Most Caucasians would rather die first, than admit they are racist. Holder said that he could not see what is in people’s hearts. ( They didnt get that part) Then, he said it was a small part, not a major part of their thought process( they didnt get that either. All they heard was the word racist and they cannot stand it. Why/ becuase it is equivalent to the N word for them. You can call them anything but that becuase the truth on that matter cuts them to the core.

  5. June on said:

    The bottom line, a President Obama is Hated because he’s perceived as a Black Man, even though he’s mixed race; WP see a Black Face and Hate Him! WP cannot stand taking orders from someone they have always given orders to, and who they view as Inferior! WP hate and will never admit that the President is a Smart a Black Man!

    • I think that the Majority of the opposition to Obama is a difference in ideology. Most of his policies have failed and all he does is blame Republicans instead of taking ownership and fixing the problem. Most of us who supported The President don’t want to admit that they support him but not all of his policies.

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