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The summer heat may feel great against your skin and is a great alternative to the winter blues, but your hair is probably taking on a different perspective. Between the sweating and the humidity, your hair is probably not cooperating. The secret to taming your summer mane is simple: glycerin. Glycerin-based products are the best moisture-retaining supplement you can add into your summer hair regimen.

As a clear, odorless, serum like liquid, glycerin is a humectant from nature. It naturally attracts moisture from the air into the hair. Relaxed and natural strands will both benefit  from these types of products. Both hair types have a tendency to be dry and brittle, but for different reasons. Relaxed hair has been stripped and weakened by chemicals, and curly natural hair is especially dry at the ends due to natural oils from the scalp having a harder time being absorbed through the entire strand of hair.

Due to glycerin’s absorbent and thick consistency, it is not recommended to use in large amounts. It is most commonly used as a product mixed in with other essential oils and sometimes even water! There is nothing worse than putting an overly heavy product on your freshly done do! No one likes to have weighed down, lifeless hair.

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