2014 Vision Awards Presented By The Stonewall Community Foundation

Bevy Smith had to correct herself after posting an ill-received tweet about LGBTQ slang.

If there’s one thing the “Fashion Queens” star can do, it’s speak with a little extra flair when the cameras are rolling. However, the Bravo star doesn’t seem to appreciate flamboyancy once off the set.

Yesterday, she made a reuqest to specific group of fans about how they should act when the approach her.

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The statement didn’t go over well with her fans and followers who felt that she was discouraging their natural behavior. Accusing her of telling them not to “act too gay,” her followers made it clear that they weren’t here for her off-color comment.

Bevy, who hosts the show with hairstylists Derek J and Ms. Lawrence, responded by insisting that she has nothing but love for the gay community. Then she questioned why so many people were speaking up on this matter when its hard for her to get a response about other important causes.

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Before signing off for the evenig, she made it a point to at leat attempt making ammends with anyone whom she’d hurt with her earlier tweet.


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3 thoughts on “My Bad: ‘Fashion Queens’ Host Bevy Smith Apologizes For Gay Comment On Twitter

  1. White Boy on said:

    YAHOO SEARCH – ” The Homosexual Lifestyle ” , ” The Diseases of Homosexuals ” , ” Homosexuals and Their Diseases ” and last butt not least , ” 7 Scientific Facts about Homosexuality and it’s adverse effects on Society ” . After reading this , you will know that Homosexuals are not victims , but their own worse , enemies !!!

  2. White Boy on said:

    If being a HOMOSEXUAL or LESBIAN was normal , you wouldn’t have to proclaim to anyone , that you were one . As well , you wouldn’t hide the fact from anyone , that you are one .

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