Well, I guess eight years beats 30, right? Apollo Nida, husband of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks is headed back to prison on fraud charges – for eight years. Someone please cue Usher “Papers.” If this isn’t enough for Phaedra to show him to the door, nothing will.

This reality TV jailbird has given this southern belle more than one reason to leave him, but here are three that should be enough to file for divorce, and figure out how she wants to co-parent upon his release.

1. Apollo Ain’t Loyal!

Let’s keep it real. We all saw how inappropriate both Kenya Moore AND Apollo Nida behaved on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”  From the texts to hotels, Apollo claims he could’ve slept with Kenya Moore if he wanted to. Bruh, you wanted to!

And if not Kenya Moore, then it would be some other chick down the road. He said it himself. Apollo strongly stated on the last episode of season 6, “all people cheat.” While I loved Phaedra’s legendary read she gave Kenya on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season six reunion show, she might want to give an even better read to her husband who apparently thinks cheating is okay in a marriage.


2. He’s Messing Up Phaedra’s Checks

It was previously reported Phaedra was going to get a spin-off show, but it was postponed because of Apollo’s legal issues. That’s one check she can say good-bye to. At the end of the day, this could hurt Phaedra’s business. She’s a lawyer married to a convict. Where they do that at?

People already were speculating if she had any involvement with his shady business. Not to mention, Apollo never really had a legitimate job since his last release from jail. What do you think he will do when released next time? Live off his reality TV star wife’s money. Either way Phaedra’s money is in jeopardy.


3. Hello… He Just Got Sentenced To Eight Years in PRISON!

I’m all for the ride-or-die chick, but not when your man is going to prison for eight years for a crime he did in fact commit. Not to mention he already has a record. So Phaedra is supposed to live eight years as a single mom, ignore other good men that  may come her way, and wait for Apollo to what…. come out of jail so they can live happily ever after? Phaedra should get smart and pass on that unlikely fairy tale.

Phaedra has some tough decisions to make. Although the decision seems clear, it will be interesting to see what she does, and if it will play out on the next season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” All I have to say is: “Fix it Jesus.”

Phaedra Parks

14 thoughts on “3 Reasons Phaedra Parks Should Leave Apollo Nida

  1. she knew what kind of person he was you know in life there is a cause an effect to everything we do in life
    now trust god the bible says not to give that which is holy to ungodliness lets pray for this family

  2. Mary on said:

    He is a thug and a loser. He showed his colors in court when he said he did what he did because his wife had money and he was trying to keep up with her. She is smart hopefully she realizes she can do better If not, her business, her problem.

  3. Mstee46 on said:

    I think she should stay wit h because she respect her wedding vows, so you heaters out there just leave Phaedra alone and let her work out.

  4. hottlanta on said:

    First of all the men were teasing Apollo the way he was looking at Kenya and he said I got eyes and yet she was crowing like a rooster on television bragging to the whole world that I have a hussssbanddd and you don’t. Well if Apollo didn’t do his job as a man Fakedra didn’t have a husband either but yet she thought she was one up on Kenya because she didn’t have a piece of paper. She betta go and get her a cup as well and get Apollo specimen as well. She got caught up in his smoothness and thought by marrying him she would be the first one to have sex with him when he gets outta jail he wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. It was good to Apollo but now he has gotten the edge off he is tired of having sex with his wife and he wanted to have sex with someone else if not Kenya someone else. Apollo was using Kenya as a front so Fakedra couldn’t focus on anyone else. She was single and not connected so she would be the obvious one for him to fool around with. When a lot of time men fool around with women who are married or connected to someone else. If she go and see him in prison a mystery woman will be there so see him as well and she knows it. She was saying that Kenya didn’t know whether or not she was getting a sperm donor for her kids but at least she know what kind of man she married. She picked him out from a “To Build a Felon Workshop”. She needs to go and check that. I see it all the time women who brag on these sorry men and then they have egg thrown in their face by these men.

  5. momof5 on said:

    Daddy always said….”If you lay down with dogs, you will get up with fleas”…hoping Phaedra was smart enough to cover her assets before and after hooking up with this male (can’t call him a man with good conscience due to his behavior).

  6. meezy on said:

    Ole’ Showtime at the Apollo was just a greedy Bastard! He got out of jail running more scams and Ms. Lawyer, fake southern fried Belle knew that he didn’t have any money like that, where else was he getting it from except running scams. She enjoyed the money just as he did just probably told him don’t get caught because I don’t know anything about it. Yes Apollo did sleep with Kendra that was way too clear from the beginning. I think he has a boyfriend in Jail because he sure made it a point to hurry up and go back, he’s a clown and that entire show with the exception of Kandi are just broke ass want to bee’s.

  7. Yes she should leave him. She need to move on with her life because I don’t think that he will change and he is not worth waiting for. The man had a good life but he couldn’t enjoy what he had and enjoy his family. He was simply stupid and he will always be stupid. By the time he get released, his oldest son will be 10 years old and his baby will be 8 going on 9 years old. What a lost?

  8. It was dangerous of her as an educated woman practicing law to stay in a marriage with a man who continued to break the law. She probably will stay married to him if she thinks that it’ll protect her from any culpability.

  9. Trinity on said:

    I have no empathy for Phaedra.. She knew why Apollo was in jail/prison and she hooked up and married him. Whether the rumors are true that she got knocked up and rushed to marry him.. she chose to have another. I think Apollo served his purpose for Phaedra which was to give her those children.. time to move on. Only they know whether she knew what he was up to however if he has to pay back his victims guess who will be effected… tsk. tsk..

  10. Arizona Gal on said:

    Have you heard of marital privilege? As long as they are married – and Phaedra is making sure that there’s money on his books – the government can’t force him to testify against her.

    I like Phaedra, but does ANYONE seriously think that as an attorney she didn’t know her husband was running a scam? How the heck does a convicted felon get approvals to gain access to credit reports? I had a law office and I could have given my first born to gain access to DMV records; It isn’t happening easily. That St. Julien woman (the woman who called herself Apollo’s bitch) would raise Phaedra’s ire and she certainly wouldn’t have approved. She’s an attorney and she knows what questions to ask.

    Stay married…and the state can’t require him to testify. Wait until the statute of limitations is over and then get divorced. Nothing the government can do!

    Get it?

  11. Amy S on said:

    Phaedra is a classy lady. I hate to see her kids go through this. Apollo needs to grow up, and support his family, and stop living off of her. She is a successful woman, and he’s bringing their entire family down.

  12. Really? That is NONE of our business…hello. Her marriage, her time, her money,her reputation, her family and her husband. She tried to help him shift into the funeral business and become legal. He didn’t want to listen. She knew what he was doing all along. That is very dangerous of her. But it’s her and her children’s lives not ours. I don’t really give a fig either.

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