Ray Nagin, the former mayor of New Orleans, is heading to federal prison for 10 years. A jury concluded that Nagin took bribes, kickbacks and turned his back on the Black citizens of New Orleans when they needed him most: In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

He deserves the punishment. In all, Nagin was found guilty of 20 counts of felony crimes.

During his trial, Nagin never accepted responsibility for his actions. He showed absolutely no remorse, held his ground, and remained arrogant and unrepentant until the bitter end. Nagin never acknowledged guilt but told the court, “I trust God is going to work all this out.”

Really? What exactly is there to work out?

Prosecutors said Nagin lied on the witness stand 22 times and at one point, he even refused to acknowledge his own signature on paperwork prosecutors showed on a video screen in the courtroom.

“These repeated violations, at the expense of the citizens of New Orleans in a time when honest leadership was needed most, do not deserve leniency,” wrote Matthew M. Coman, an assistant United States attorney. Nagin will have plenty of time to think about the behavior that landed him in federal prison.

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22 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Black Politicians – Corrupt Or Unjustly Targeted?

  1. Alleged racism notwithstanding into investigations of black politicians, a look at Africa shows that almost all black leaders are super corrupt. South Africa, once a thriving and prosperous country, now has no future.

  2. Jacqueline Perry on said:

    White america has trained them on how corruption works.for money there wronging there own people for a buck.once blacks become educated and successful they then thank there white and no longer black.next the latinos and hispanics when successful and in position of power will be corrupt as well, american way of life, wrong folks.

  3. Let fact it blacks always are watched closely. Blacks never let your guard down. Never accept anything except your pay check. Blacks never think you can get away with what whites get away with. Follow my advice and you will make your life easy.

  4. Dangerous BlkMan on said:

    Poor Nagin. He thought he made friends with white folks. The problem is that black leaders get into office and they see all the white folks getting rich. so the white folks tell them that this is the way you run buisness. then when they do it thinking that they are now part of the country club they come at him and put him in jail. The whole time the white folks are laughing at the game they play of put the black man in jail.
    When are we going to learn. we can’t do buisness with the white european apes. they are not human. they don’t have the compassion that we have towards others. THey are not able to feel others pains because they have never been given a soul. Just because in a dark room and in a shadow they may appear human don’t forget that they are not.
    they stoled our DNA that is why they have our basic shape. They are suppose to be large apes who are still banging sticks and rocks sitting in our zoos. Instead they have raped our women and they stoled our DNA becomeing a little smarter with it. However they still do not have souls and they are still not recognized by God. They are just beast who should be subjected to us. Sadly they breed like rats and they have no remorse to the misery they cause others and they try to dominate new territory to hunt.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      So…what you’re saying is a bunch of so-called “strong black african Kings” and “Queens” were punked-out (stolen from Africa, enslaved; women raped) and outsmarted by a bunch of white apes?? GTFOOH!!!

      • Dangerous BlkMan on said:

        No that is not what I am saying. what actually happened is that as Africans explored surrounding lands to settle they eventually made it to Europe. While they were trying to farm and raise their family on what they thought was safe land. They didn’t relize that the Great white ape of the north lived in a nearby cave. So a group of apes attacked the poor farmer. It would have been to hard for him to defend his family against the neanderthal hoard. Now if he had known that the beast lived in the area then he could have come with a much larger force and exterminated the hoard before they became a problem. THen we wouldn’t be having this convorsation. Problem is my people are good by nature and didn’t expect the brutality your people unleashed on us.

  5. Melissa G. on said:

    Sorry but Nagin is just one of the corrupt politicians that has been prosecuted in Louisiana … and the majority are white … Aaron Broussard, the former president of Jefferson Parish is in prison right now, our ex-governor also served time, Bill Hubbard, a former president of St. John the Baptist Parish, has done his time in a federal prison. Eddie Price, former mayor of Mandeville; and Peter Galvan, former coroner in St. Tammany Parish; Jiff Hingle, who served as sheriff in Plaquemines Parish and Wayne Cresap who served as a judge in St. Bernard Parish have also been nabbed. I think arresting corrupt politicians in Louisiana comes maybe second to football as our favorite pastime.

  6. Uncle G on said:

    Just look at the totally disrepect by white folks toward our president. It’s disgusting. That should tell a Black person all they need to know about what White Folks thing about Black folk in general. Then decide if they are beaing fair to ANY Black politician. If you cannot figure that out, I feel sorry for your

  7. Uncle G on said:

    The biggest problem with Black folks is that they trust white folks too much and pay a price in the end. I never believed for a moment that Ray Nagin was guilty of anything, let alone corruption. Black folk give white folk too much credit. Federal prosecutors hate Black folks and especially any Black politicians. Ray Nagin was targeted for revenge once he made that statement during Katrina when he told the Federal goverment and the Bush White House to “get down here, now!” This entire notion that Black officials are just corrupt is a lie. Look at the long list of Municipal, State and Congressional officals who have been prosecuted for wrong-doing. They are disproportionately Black. Also, almost every person in this country who is wrongly prosecuted and spent decades in prison is Black. Very rarely are they white or any other ethnicity. Think about what percentage of the poplulation is Black and then look at the percentage of who is sitting in jail. I DO NOT TRUST WHITE FOLKS AT ALL! Don’t underestimate their hatred of Blacks!

  8. What the HELL ever happened to: “We can’t do er’thang we see other people do?” It’s not a fair concept, but when has life ever been totally fair and equal to that of whites in this country, for blacks? This is what disappoints me to no end about our black politicians. Seems the POTUS knows this, but what about the others? White politicians have been taking bribes and kick backs for years. As long as they don’t piss the wrong person off, they’re okay. But this foolish black folk, get into office, knowing certain folk don’t want them there, FORGET, and actually start believing they can do some of the same things their white counterparts can do. How sloppy and disrespectful to your legacies and to their constituents! Kwame Kilpatrick was served up hate before he even got in the seat good, and what does he do? Jessie Jackson, Jr., his legacy will forever be mired in NOT the good things he did, but this one huge mess he’s gotten himself into. Ray Nagin knew from the time he declared New Orleans was going to be a “chocolate city,” to AFTER Katrina, that “they” were going to get him out, you shouldn’t be taking kick backs under the table. In each instance, if nothing’s more sad, it seems as if one of us helped the others, bring them down. Yep. “We’s gots” to do better!

    • seriously on said:

      In regards to Ray Nagin, you left out that his corrupt bribe taking and pay offs were long before Katrina hit, you also left out that he was a republican before changed parties to run for mayor of nawlins and gave 100,000 to George Dubya campaign…I guess the fact that he ripped off the poorest among us doesn’t bother you? Or that he did not piss anyone off, he simply got caught much like the rest of them..Your logic is if white people can use and abuse us, so can black….shaking my head at the skewed logic…that’s all

  9. desade82 on said:

    I always find it interesting to hear people say that “They’re out to get the Black politician.
    Perhaps there is some truth to that; but you have to wonder: If you are a Black politician
    and you know people are watching you and you still do dirt; then who is to blame?

  10. Derris
    I am delighted to see that most of those commenting recognize that the problem lies with the corrupt politicians. The African American politicians committing the despicable acts have forgotten the price paid for our freedom and also have forgotten certain foundation principles that our ancestors and many of our earlier leaders followed, as I stated in my recent blog on this subject. For a more detailed discussion, see my post at: http://www.devariestepost.blogspot.com

  11. Paris on said:

    All three men were greedy and money hungry. They were responsible for their own undoing. You can be approached by someone to take a bribe but it’s up to you to take the person up on their offer. All three men are locked up because of the decisions they made. Crooks.

  12. I hate when people use god in their comments; especially after doing some stupid ‘S’ like calling women B’s in rap songs, and then accepting an award and thanking god. Or when when stupid politicians get caught stealing/breaking the law, and then bring god into the equation. So Nagin why didn’t god tell you not to be so D stupid, and corrupt!!

  13. Babyboomer on said:

    There are just some things you shouldn’t do, particularly if you seek high profile elected offices, regardless of race. But especially if you happen to be black or brown skinned. The rewards clearly don’t equal the risk you take with your freedom, families or lives…

  14. Hey, while we are on the topic, has anyone of you ever heard of the African American mayor out of Upstate NY calledc Byron Brown? Take a moment or two, smell the roses, catch a bus, and maybe then the solution(s) you seek will hit you; back.
    Stay on top. One love.

  15. Cynic13 on said:

    Politics is a corrupt business, regardless of race. Black politicians have less experience in dealing with all the pitfalls of office because it is a relatively new position for them. What will be interesting is what happens with the Chris Christie and Scott Walker cases. If the two of them get off with just fines or no punishment at all – then I’ll jump on the bandwagon that black politicians are investigated, set up, and punished more than white ones.

  16. seriously on said:

    These type of articles is what keeps some black folks ignorant and the author in business. Those corrupt politicians and scammers used that same logic to get dumb Nogrows to vote for them…When in fact all those coons have done is exploit, use and abuse poor ignorant black folks, while trying to spin white folks do it to skewed logic…The worst mentality black folks have is blaming everything of racism. Furthermore even if white folks do it to and get away with it…common sense should tell you black folks will not get away with it…..So why bother? Not to mention you are sticking it too the poorest among us…And so how that is cool for blacks to do to other blacks? Dumbshyt indeed.

  17. Mac Ben on said:

    Corrupt! Otherwise they would not have been found guilty. We have to do right when we get into these high-profile political positions and stop using the “white folks do it, too!!” excuse!! According to a lot of you, we were all strong black/African Kings and Queens and are thus better than they are. So, DO BETTER!!!

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