Joan Rivers, 81, told a reporter that President Barack Obama is the first gay president and that First Lady Michelle Obama is a “tranny.”

After officiating an impromptu wedding for Joe Aiello and his partner Jed Ryan at a signing for her new book “Diary of a Mad Diva” at an NYC Barnes & Noble on Monday, a reporter asked Rivers about the possibility of the first gay president,  to which she replied: “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down.”

You know Michelle is a tranny,” Rivers added dismissively.

“Tranny” is a common slur used to described individuals on the trans* spectrum.

(Photo: AP)

30 thoughts on “Joan Rivers Calls First Lady Michelle Obama A Transphobic Slur [VIDEO]

  1. B. Thompson on said:


  2. stephanie on said:

    That pathetic piece of dried up shit, she is a has been hag trying to get attention. She will be in hell soon shoveling shit for the devil.

  3. Zerkeise on said:

    If you think it is ok to be the “offensive” word, then being called the’offensive’ word should not be an offense

  4. ceecee on said:

    I am sick and tired of hearing these people say they get a pass because it is their job telling these so-call jokes. This old woman needs to get another job because this is not a joke and she/it gets no Freaking pass as far as I am concerned. I am so angry because this morning I read this man used the N***** word without actually showing it in a newspaper in NY that has maybe 20,000 readers, he calls himself pro-Obama, now this woman/it is calling him gay and Michelle a tranny. joan rivers looks more like a dried up old man than a woman.

  5. Joke or not, this old bag has a lot of nerve when her face looks like someone beat her with a sock full of rocks! She has nerve to talk when her body looks like that of an old withered crypt keeper! Old bag, take your live, mummified remains and find a bridge!

  6. Charles D on said:

    Theres nothing feminine about our President Jiggy, don’t confuse confidence and good posture with femininity. He’s the leader of the free world and he constantly critized for everything he does, and now you come with this BS! Get a grip.

  7. SMILE on said:

    How could the WORLD UGLIEST WOMAN in the world call anybody or anything with the way she looks like her face is about to explored. She talks to much shit about people when she should look in the mirror at her herself or maybe she afraid to look and see what the world sees every single day. I see why her husband killed himself from look at her ugly face.

  8. Linda on said:

    Joan Rivers has had way too much PLASTIC SURGERY and it has warped her simple ass brain!!!

    How dare she call our First Lady a “tranny.”!!!!

    Michelle Obama is the most beautiful First Lady to ever grace the “White House.”–

    All this HATE is really ridiculous and shows some folks ignorance!!!!!—
    My black ass looks ten times better than JOAN RIVER’S FACE!!!!!

  9. Walter patton on said:

    And the “HATE” just keep on coming! Rivers should apply for a job with the circus…she already has the clown face.

    • Jiggy I assume you know that we know it’s your job to bring negativity to this website. I hope the conservative are paying you well. At any rate President doesn’t come across as feminine; he has a COOL aura about him (and therein lies the difference). For the record: There are many masculine men, i.e., wrestlers, athletes, boxers, cowboys, etc. that are gay. It’s never been wise to judge a book by it’s cover!!

      • Oops….meant to say conservative(s), and President (Obama). Also meant to mention that there are lots of rappers, male actors, and men that are married….that are on the down low. Again…..don’t judge a book by it’s cover. For the record I by no means have a problem with anyone’s sexuality. If that’s their MO….it is what it is

  10. Debo on said:

    Who gives a rat’s @$$ or two $#!7s what Joan Rivers says. A has been commediane who has suffered severe damage when the Surgeon sucked out her brain.

  11. Joan Rivers is apathetic has been trying to stay in the media. She’ll say anything to get attention. If she looked in the mirror, she would see that she and her daughter look like the deformed part of a baboon’s ass. That is an insult to the baboon—sorry baboon.

  12. Babyboomer on said:

    Comedians think they get a pass just because they are comedians. People called President Clinton the first “Black President” which was just as stupid as the statement Rivers just made. Nothing to see here…

  13. ms C on said:

    Who cares what an old ugly pale face woman has to say….when is the last time she had a man. Oh I thought she was a ugly old man.

  14. Guest1 on said:

    If anyone looks like a man, it’s this half-sculptured piece of cheap @ss clay posing as a woman. All the plastic surgery in the world still couldn’t cure her ills and woes. She’s just U-G-L-Y, she ain’t got no alibi, she ugly, yeah, she ugly! LoL
    Who cares what she has to say. That was my laugh for the weekend!!

  15. Paris on said:

    Joan is trying desperately to stay relevant in the 21st century. She doesn’t care what people are saying about her as long as they are saying something. She’s hoping that her statements will pull in more viewers for her TV shows. She refuses to go out to pasture with the other old comedians.

  16. FREE- I on said:

    Just plain STUPID!!!! She is the Joker’s,Batman’s arch enemy, mother. No wonder she says stupid stuff and look more and more like an alien. The press is all over her on PETA( which, by the way, killed over million animals last year- hypocrites ). The press give her a pass mocking the President and First Lady.

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