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The waitress who got stiffed out of a tip by Warren Sapp – then retaliated by posting his credit card receipt online – will be punished by the Florida restaurant where she is employed, according to TMZ.

Sapp told the website that he gave the Upper Deck Ale and Sports Grill waitress zero gratuity because she was bad at her job and racially insensitive. He said she kept calling Warren and his crew “boys,” a term that can be offensive when used by non-whites to refer to black men. So, “the tip fit,” Sapp said.

The retired NFL star also says he went to the venue to watch the U.S. in the World Cup, but left before it started because “it was horrible and the service was the worst.”

Before he bounced, Warren ordered a soup, chicken wings, a sandwich and a bucket of Heineken, totaling $69.39. On his receipt, Sapp wrote an oversized zero on the tip line, along with the note, “Boys don’t tip.”

Regardless, famous or not [the bill] should never have been posted. It should not have happened,” the restaurant manager told the TMZ.

The manager said they are “going to have to deal” with the waitress who posted the bill, and she will be reprimanded for her actions.

When asked if that meant the woman would be fired, the manager would not say.

The manager says the restaurant has been getting flooded with phone calls from people voicing their opinion — “it has been mostly negative.”

“People don’t want this to happen to them.”

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12 thoughts on “Waitress Who Posted Warren Sapp’s Receipt to be ‘Punished’

  1. Terry on said:

    Warren Sapp is a SAP! Black or white he’s just rude. See how he ran down Michael Strahan and he’s black. For Warren Sapp his rudeness knows no color.

  2. cmac on said:

    I just saw a segment on wsvn that said people are dropping off checks and cash for the waitress the manager also said that he viewed the restaurant video and counted the number of times she went to the table and that she did a good job, so if that is true I don’t know how much “reprimanding” is going to be done. From here own mouth Mr. Sapp asked her “do I look like a boy to you?” she knew he was offended but she didn’t apologize. The Upper Deck must not care of other potential celebrity or non celebrity customers of color go else
    where for fear of having their receipts or lord knows what else posted all over Social media.

  3. I’m glad she’s being reprimanded. It was childish of her..its obvious she has issues to send a copy of receipt to her sister was malicious as I’m sure she knew what her sister intended on doing. It would have never happen had it been a regular Joe Blow who hadnt tipped her. I’m sure his reason was just and a TIP is not an entitlement.

  4. Seems her attempt at embarrassing Mr. Sapp backfired. She should be really embarrassed after being exposed as possibly the worst waitress in the business.

  5. pac4me on said:

    Posting the receipt is indeed a violation of Mr Sapp’s privacy and appropriate discipline should be applied – anywhere in America that calls for her termination. But more than that, the restaurant should give their employees some sensitivity training – you don’t call grown ass men “boys” and certainly don’t call women “girls” -(I stop them right away – not your girl today) and if you want a tip, work for it, it doesn’t automatically come with the meal

  6. hottlanta on said:

    Why do waitresses feel they have to be ENTITLED to a tip. I have refused a tip for the same type of service when the waitress keep calling me and my friends “GIRL” and we told her not to do that. We asked her for our receipt and she told us to total it up ourselves and tell her how much we owe. She had the nerve to go and get the manager upon us leaving. We the consumer HAS A RIGHT not to tip. If you need more money find yourself another job, it’s the American way.

  7. Most places included the gratuity in the total. Tipping is not mandatory. And if anyone wants a tip, then be nice to whom ever you are serving. One good deed deserves another. Besides I came to the restaurant for the food, entertainment, whatever. I am not there to tip you.

  8. lecia on said:

    Please I bet if that waitress was a black woman and posted that receipt online she would have been fired. See the difference when a blue eyed devil is involved even the story is wrote nicer. She’ll be reprimanded GTFOH

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