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On this Independence Day holiday we have a lot to learn from the men of the team USA in soccer.

They did a whole lot more than come close to winning the World Cup trophy.

They taught us about what it means to be an American, to be a real patriot.

And even though they lost the other day, I’m really happy right now, and you should be as well.

Here’s why.

Because what they did as a disparate team of brothers unwittingly inspired Americans to come together to actually socialize with each other, in person and not on some electronic device.

On Tuesday, when Team USA went up against Belgium, I walked into the CNN offices and witnessed something I had never seen before.

My colleagues were sitting together, interns, producers, writers, cleaning staff and managers all communing with each other, watching the match on giant TV monitors.

They forgot about their cellphones and computers and most of all their perceived stations in life and were looking each other in the eyes and communicating without pretense and a keyboard.

Friends from all over the country were sending each other photos of themselves and their co-workers dressed in Team USA soccer gear.

I saw video of lawmakers in Washington sitting and watching the game along with President Obama.

What all of this did was show me and the rest of America that we aren’t as divided as we think we are.

We are not just Republicans sitting in one corner and Democrats sitting in the other corner.

Team USA’s goalkeeper, Tim Howard is Hungarian American.

His fellow team members hail from places all over the world like, Nigeria, Mexico, Denmark, Ghana, Poland, Austria, Haiti, Nigeria and beyond.

More often than not we think of ourselves as black, white, Asian and Hispanic when the real America is so much more than that.

What Team USA did for me and for all of us is prove that no matter where we or our ancestors came from, that we are all Americans who are just as ethnically diverse as that team.

We came together behind a singular cause for good and went the distance.

It may sound naïve but imagine for a moment if we did that every day and not just every four years when our team is in the running?

Think about just how much we’d get accomplished if we collectively viewed the people with whom we came into contact as just an American and not an American with a prefix.

If we did it for something arguably as trivial as a sporting event, surely we can do it for something as important as democracy- just as our founders did 238 years ago this week.

Something to think about on this Independence Day.

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8 thoughts on “Don Lemon Says: Just Be an American This July 4th, Not An American With A Prefix

  1. melanin man on said:

    Brother Don Lemon is the ultimate assimilationist. He doesn’t make black folks think; he tries to sell us the white man’s viewpoint each and every week. His attempt at soliciting white patriotism to black listeners is a classic example of assimilation. To refer to our enslaved African ancestors’ kidnappers and murderers as “our founding fathers” shows classic white thinking as a black man. Having Lemon on The Tom Joyner Morning Show is like Michael Moore giving weekly commentary on Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly. Tom Joyner owes his listeners an explanation about who choose Don Lemon and why.

  2. Kimberly on said:

    In addition to hitting the nail on the head of all the comments, Nubian people has attempted this since time forgot. . .I hope this is shared on CNN, because he needs to speak loud and clear to the masses.

  3. Aaron on said:

    Don Lemon is really delusional he writes as if life is some Disney movie. Somewhere Tavis Smiley is laughing at how bad TJMS and BAW are becoming.

  4. Ennis on said:

    Now if only Don Lemon would stop highlighting the fact that he’s a gay American. Start there, hypocrite!
    Tom Joyner if you had true respect for black folks you wouldn’t be throwing Don Lemon in our faces like that. You are a hypocrite too.
    Goodbye TJMS and BAW!!!

  5. Janine on said:

    I hope that this means the next uproar regarding Gays, Don hop on his soap box and point out the fact that they are Americans and all else doesn’t matters!

  6. Paris on said:

    While you were daydreaming Don why didn’t you look for a fountain to throw a penny in and wish for world peace or look for a magical lamp and asks the genie to grant you your wish? Wake up Don! The world we live in is full of hate and the best we can do is not become consumed by it ourselves.

  7. Timekeeper on said:


    Im glad you got that warm, fuzzy feeling over the World Cup, but dont kid yourself. This is nothing new. White folks always come together with other races when it suite their fancy. This is by no means a new phenomenon. When Joe Louis stepped into the ring against Max Schmelling in 1936 people of all races ( especially white men) all over America were so excited to see the Brown Bomber knock that Germnans head off. Remember this was at the height of Hitler coming to prominence. Yet when the boxing match was over and Lous won, the excitement soon died down and they went back to being the same old bigots they had always been. They are the ones who put a prefix on every other american except themselves. The immigration fight we are having right now is becuase many of them think AmeriKA! only belongs to them. Gues they’ve forgotten about Ellis Island. So while it is a nice sentiment dont think for one second this is going to turn into a koom By Ya moment.

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