It’s been reported time and time again: Jay Z is cheating on Beyonce. But it looks like we might’ve just got some confirmation from Beyonce herself.

Although the power couple have tried their hardest to keep their personal lives under wraps, the truth seems to slowly be making its way to the surface.

Beyonce hinted Jay Z may have really been unfaithful. During their  “On The Run” tour concert in Ohio, Bey took to the stage wearing a white wedding dress to sing her unreleased single “Resentment,” a song about a woman who has been cheated on.  Sound familiar? It gets better.

Bey went as far to change the lyrics of the song from “been riding with you for six years” to “been riding with you for 12 years. ” Ironically the couple have been together for 12 years.

Cheating rumors have been swirling heavy since Solange’s elevator attack on Jay Z.

Watch the video above to see the performance. Do you think Bey had a personal connection to this song? Only time will tell.

Jay Z & Beyonce Crazy In Love
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