Luke James is in love y’all and from his own mouth, this “good feeling” has taken him a minute to get to. Too bad some of his fans don’t feel the same way about his new girl.

James initially posted the photo of his lady (who isn’t Black, or at least not obviously), then took it down after commenters blasted her on Instagram. Many critics labeled him a sellout for falling for someone whose skin tone didn’t mirror his own.

These rude opinions cut James deep enough for him to delete the photo he posted of his lady and send out the following note (I’m glad I caught it when I did because he has since deleted it):

He then decided to repost the photo of his lady-love, with the updated caption. Evidently, those close to him forced him to stand strong in his love and repost his girlfriend:

it’s taken me a minute to feel this good. and being open about it (outside of song)is another step toward my happiness. I’m sorry I let some little words f*ck with my mind which in turn my heart.never again. | so like was saying… I fasheaux can’t wait to get home to my woman | LOVE (a highfive to those who just beat up on me for taking it down)

Cheers to James finding his own happiness. It’s a beautiful thing when men outwardly show that they’re in love. James’ admission was refreshing. However, many of the criticisms claiming that he was somehow wrong for confession his love for a woman who isn’t Black are without a foundation. We don’t know Luke James’ girlfriend. We don’t know her nationality. We don’t know her relationship with Luke. We know nothing of her, except that her skin is lighter than his and she won his heart.

It seems melanin saturation is heavy topic, especially as it relates to interracial dating. I can admit that when I see a White girl with a Black man, a part of me dies inside, but I’ve never hated this union enough to make comments like (comments from Luke James’ post):

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 3.20.43 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 3.20.32 PM

I keep my opinion to myself and often have an inner dialogue that I wish I could ask out loud to the Black man who loves a White woman…why? What was it about this woman who doesn’t look like your mother, your sister, your family that stood out? Nothing should ever be about color, and color alone. Not love, not hate, not anything. Love who you love without apologies, even if you get a side eye from me.

There’s a difference between outright self-hate and preference. I would never say that any man who dates a woman outside of his race hates himself. It’s certainly not fair to assume that for Luke James, simply because he’s in love enough to tell the world, and she’s not “dark enough.”

His hesitation in sharing his love on a social media platform is perfectly warranted. Kanye West’s infamous lyric, “And when they get on, they leave your ass for a White girl,” plays over and over in my head. Luke has been climbing the entertainment industry’s ladder for quite some time now and after Beyonce hand-picked him to open for her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, one could assess that he’s officially, “on.” However, it doesn’t mean that he’s turned his back on Black women.

Could it have been guilt or just being “human” that led Luke to deleting the photo of his girlfriend that he shared on Instagram? Either way, no matter who you are, you should be able to love who you want. Sure, certain interracial couples may give me a pause, but I would never say that someone isn’t allowed to love who they want.

Luke James has a message for you opinionated haters:

luke jamees



6 thoughts on “Luke James Reveals His Girlfriend On Instagram & Gets Accused Of Self-Hate

  1. Jessica on said:

    Hey folks…race is a political construct…nothing more. I am a woman born here in the USA and my skin color is brown. I must admit that I cringe a little every time I see inter-racial couples, but that is due to programing. My family and friends date across the color lines and I find nothing wrong with that…so my programing only goes so far. Lets focus on the love they share and wish them good vibes…after all, if they are happy, then we should be happy.

  2. clariol on said:


  3. Linda on said:

    Luke James is just another Black man who does not know his BLACK HISTORY!!!
    All of the men of color who were hung in trees for even thinking about looking at a white woman!!!

    I hope that she is attractive, because most of the brothas pick white trash to be their women.
    Black women come in all shades and tones-them just one–pale!!!!

    Their vaginas are certainly not LINED WITH GOLD-NOR DOES IT GLOW IN THE DARK-so what is the big deal with WHITE WOMEN AND BLACK MEN??????

    • Mary on said:

      Sista Linda, it has nothing to do with their vagina or the fact that it doesn’t glow in the dark, its about preference, and last time I checked it wasn’t against the law to love who you love regardless of black, white or green, maybe you are (green) with envy because you can’t get any man white or black to look your way because you are so negative. This is 2014 and the interracial situation is never goin to go away so let it go and do your thing and let others do theirs. FYI ALL WHITE CHICKS ARE NOT WHITE TRASH just like all BLACK women are not HOEs and GOLD DIGGERS

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