Forbes has just released its most powerful hundred celebrities and guess who’s on top?

That would be one Beyonce Giselle Knowles, clocking in at #1. And no, we didn’t say it’s the list of most powerful Black celebrities, this is a list that looks at celebrities overall.

Forbes says Beyonce’s #1 because in the last year her 95 shows earned an average of $2.4 million per show. Her self-titled album, released via iTunes download, not only sold a million copies, so did the single “Drunk In Love.” Combined with Beyonce’s deals with H&M and Pepsi, along with her perfumes and clothing line, Forbes estimates Beyonce’s earnings to be about $115 million between June 1, 2013 and June 1st 2014.

That doesn’t even include sales for her and hubby Jay-Z’s “On the Run” tour, the second grossing tour of all time based on earnings per venue. Hubby Jay-Z had to settle for 6th place on the list this year, with $60 million in earnings over the same period.

Consider this – Dre made a billion dollar deal by partnering with Jimmy Iovine in the sale of Beats Electronics to Apple, Inc., and was only good enough for third place on this year’s list. However, Black Americans can be proud that the top four celebrity earners are all Black and out of the top 10, 7 Black celebs make the list with LeBron James at #2, Oprah at #4, Rihanna at # 8 and boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather at #7.

Forbes doesn’t just factor money in the Power equation.

They also consider media mentions, social media penetration, and the celebrity’s impact on their culture and pop culture overall. This year, Dr. Dre earned more in the the time period considered than anyone else in the history of the celebrity 100, but because he’s been musically dormant, he presumably lost some impact points.

Other Black celebs on the list Kobe Bryant at #15, Kanye West at #20 (who will, we’re sure be ranting very shortly at why he wasn’t ranked higher) Sean “Diddy” Combs at #31, Kevin Durant at #33, Pharrell Williams at #38, Dwyane Wade at #55, Tyler Perry tied with model Gisele Bundchen at #56, Serena Williams at #69, Will Smith at #75, and Kerry Washington at #93.

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7 thoughts on “Who’s Got The Power? Beyonce Tops Forbes Celebs List

  1. She is a powerful Entertainer. She has earned that. She is getting older. It is time for her to work on her grown woman skills. Grown women don’t have to show their naked asses to the world, and get “pimped out” on stage. If it was that serious, you wouldn’t have to worry about your man being in the bed of another woman at night. We have all seen to much of your ass already. Don’t forget that you have a daughter. She should be the priority.

  2. hoodtechie on said:

    Wow, Forbes chose a bimbo as the most powerful celeb what a diss to the black community. This woman couldn’t form two cohesive sentences together or carry on an adult conversation w/o handlers, but she is the most powerful celeb, please!!!

    • Amber on said:

      Sound like you are a diss to the black community. This woman is powerful. How she speaks is according to where she is from (Texas) just like some folks have a southern voice. Hate all of you, Beyonce is big. What is sad is now the Hate and a backlash is going to come. AS the old saying, “people will build you up in order to start tearing you down”. It never fails. Beyonce is as good as it get. she is rich and successful, she is humble, she has a successful husband, she had her baby in WEDLOCK, etc. A diss to the black community, more blacks needs to be like her maybe will stop having a high out of marriage birth rate and crime.

      • lecia on said:

        I totally agree don’t pay hoodcoochie no mind sounds like a white person in disguise, as usual a black person can’t be on top with out someone hating.

      • hoodtechie on said:

        Amber I can see why you have so much admiration for beyonce you both have 5th grade English, writing and grammar skills. Name one thing that she has power over, her intelligence, weaves, surely it’s not music. Remember if not for jay-z she would be just another want to be diva bimbo trying to sell records. She owns no production company, no labels nothing just the title of being jay-z’s (side piece) I mean wife. give it 2 more years when he’s thru pimping her and he’ll be out the door looking for the next is what it is, don’t blame me blame the game.

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