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Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.

Last night on CNN I got the chance to interview the last person to see him alive, Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician.

It was his first, and he says only, U.S. interview since being released from prison after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter three years ago.

One of the first things we talked about was taking responsibility.

Murray says when he met Michael Jackson that Jackson already had a stash of Propofol that he claims Jackson had used for decades before Murray even came along.

When I asked Dr. Murray if he was motivated by money he said no.

He claims that shortly after he took the job, concert promoters told him in front of Jackson, that the singer was dead broke and couldn’t even afford the toilet paper him and his kids were using.

Murray says he was shocked and to this day has never revealed any such secrets he knew about the entertainer.

But Murray says he’s not sure he’s going to be silent forever.

He also says that although the California appeals court has denied to rehear his case that he’s not done yet.

Will the court take the case is quite another story.

But Conrad Murray still believes in his own innocence and is determined to prove it by any means necessary and he says he won’t stop until he does.

Do you believe him?

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3 thoughts on “Conrad Murray To Don Lemon – ‘I’m Innocent And I’m Going To The Supreme Court’

  1. Amber on said:

    WRONG. Mj had a dependency because he had a REAL medical issue with sleep. Regardless if someone else would have provided the propofol, it does NOT excuse what Murray did (MAYBE MJ would still be alive if somone else did it; if not, then that doctor would be in Murray’s positions of being in trouble. It does NOT change anything so that is stupid to say as if it is excuse it that MJ may or may not have gotten propofol from someone else. Crime happens everyday and if a robber does not steal your stuff, he/she will steal someone else. Does that mean I should I stop working in law enforcement to arrest men/women who steal? NO). As for character flaws, what does that have to do with what Murray did. Murray dig the injects. Murray was an ethical doctor to “do not harm”. etc. We ALL have character flaws but that does NOT mean MJ or we need to die. At the end of the day, MURRAY is MAIN one responsible because Murray was the doctor who had to take the OATH of medicine and MJ could not inject himself, Murray did.

  2. If Murray hadn’t provided Propofol someone else would have. MJ definitely had issues. Not saying Murray was ethical; but neither was MJ. Obviously MJ had character flaws, and it appears that he was indeed addicted.

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