Are we obsessed with good looks?

I’m asking because of the questions I’ve been fielding over past few days from friends, family members and even strangers.

Let’s start with the world cup.

Yes some people, the diehard fans, love the game.

But let’s just be honest, a whole lot of the bandwagon jumpers just love looking at the players.

From women to gay and straight men to the “questionable,” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “oh my god, such and such is so hot,” or “dude, I want abs like so and so.”

Just before my show last night on CNN a very respected, political strategist called me and said, “Have you been paying attention to these soccer guys?”i

My answer, “I love you, but I’m about to go on air. Can’t talk. And yes I have.”

Her response, “they’re so hot, I can’t stop watching.”

My answer, “goodbye.”

All last week and this weekend all anyone was talking about was the hotness of Ronaldo, Bekerman, Naymar, Zusi, and get this – wait for it- Meeks.

Jeremy Meeks, the hot mug shot guy.

As a culture we are obsessed with good looks and hotness.

And in my humble opinion we are pushing the limits on style or looks over substance.

There’s no doubt mug shot guy and the soccer players are easy on the eyes.

But do mug shot guy’s dreamy eyes and cheek bones trump his violent criminal past and present, his alleged street gang affiliation?

Are Ronaldo’s chiseled abs and rock hard pecs more important than his athletic prowess?

Who knows?

But I did spend hours this weekend text messaging my 20-something nieces about mug shot guy.

And like most of you, I did watch every single minute of the World Cup, cheering in a room full of strangers.

So, if you ask most of the new fans that team USA played, they will probably have no idea.

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18 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Blue Eyes and White Balls- Why Are We Tripping?

  1. bec215 on said:

    Why are WE tripping? Seriously? This article sounds more like you’re mostly disturbed by the fact that women might have carnal interest in men that has nothing to do with the size of their brain… Why on earth would you single out women’s (and a token mention of gay men’s) interest in men’s appearance as being evidence that society has ‘gone too far’ with putting emphasis on appearance? This is one of the strangest, incomplete, incoherent articles I’ve read in a long time.

  2. Dean on said:

    Yes, Negroes just love white features–blue eyes, green eyes, light eyes, pointy noses, thin lips and pale skin. And Negroes hate black features–dark eyes, broad noses, full lips and dark skin. And ain’t that cooning!? And it’s pathetic!

  3. Shan on said:

    A mugshot is a mugshot is a mugshot. Because one is a CELEBRITY (as you put it), it makes their crime less offensive?? It makes it ok?? I said nothing of women defending him. That is a totally different issue than one simply commenting on someone’s appearance. However, please do not act like women (celebrity or not) aren’t constantly excused of their bad behavior because of their looks or physical assets.

    • Traboe on said:

      And what female celebrity crime that you know of come close to this guys? As a matter of fact the ONLY female mugshot that I know of that ppl were saying looked attractive was Porsha’s when she turned herself in for dragging Kenya. And last time I checked no woman, BLACK woman ever got positive press/excused for a crime she committed because of the way she looked.

      • Shan on said:

        If women got upset everytime men made a big deal about a woman that we deemed “unworthy” we’d have little time for anything else. I think it’s hilarious that men are so up in arms because they’ve gotten a taste of their own medicine. And with that, you have a good day.

      • Yeah Shan. I think Traboe’s woman must have started drooling when she saw Meek’s photo. Meeks may be a blue eyed criminal, but Traboe sounds like a green eyed monster. I’m lovin’ it.

      • Shan on said:

        Wait…are you talking about the same Porsha that thought the Underground Railroad was on a REAL train track?? LOL….ok. I don’t condemn every man that says her mugshot was attractive and I certainly won’t go as far as to say that means they all want a woman that’s as dumb as a bag of rocks. Maybe, just maybe, they simply think she’s attractive. Too bad women can’t have the same luxury when the shoe is on the other foot. I’m done.

      • Traboe on said:

        You are absolutely right Kay my girl up and left me when she saw this man picture…or she would have if I had one…and wasn’t gay Lolol. I’m done, continue to fawn over degenerates while complaining there’s no good black men out there.

      • You’re gay? That explains the bitchiness. I knew there had to be something feeding that green eyed monster. Don’t be mad because he’s prettier than you. Study Ru Pual’s makeup for dummies long enough, and you too could be pretty enough to have men fawning over your pic. Just understand that even though Dreamy McMug is a criminal, does not mean he’s not good looking. Just as just because you a whiny, bitchy girl-man does not mean that you don don’t look pretty once you get all done up. Just stop whining about people giving credit where credit is due.

  4. October on said:

    Shan you are sooo right. I’m waiting for many of the male singers to get half naked and perform. God knows i’m tired of seeing women performing half naked.

  5. Men have been ogling over women’s bodies for yeeeaaarrrss. I’ve heard men mention Serena Williams’ body before mentioning her abilities on the tennis court. I’ve seen various entertainment news sources run stories about how attractive some celebrity woman’s mugshot was. Now that women have dared to comment on the attractiveness of a mugshot or mention a man’s physique before his athletic ability, it’s a national scandal. Stories and editorials have to be written to inform women that we don’t have our priorities together or that we are “thirsty” or have lowered our standards because we found a mugshot attractive. PLEASE! Men have been doing this for years. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • Traboe on said:

      They run stories on female CELEBRITY mugshots right Shan? Not gun-running, gang affiliated, violent convicts right? The fact that this man has gotten as much attention he has from his mugshot and that women are defending him almost excusing his crimes is absolutely a scandal and display of thirst to the highest degree. I’m pretty sue there are some very attractive rapist and child molesters whose mugshot women can swoon over next.

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