A 31-year-old Texas man is facing 95 years in jail after spreading HIV to a 15-year-old girl. Matthew Louis Reese may possibly be spending the rest of his life behind bars after being aware that he is HIV positive and failing to tell the 15-year-old girl he had sex with.

The girl, who said she was a virgin when she began seeing Reese, became sick and spent two weeks of her 40 day stay in the hospital in a coma. While talking to Reese on the Phone, he suggested that she had “the symptoms of HIV.” The young girl did not think much of his suggestion because he told her that he was “clean.” She was diagnosed shortly after and contacted police.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Reese plead guilty in a Dallas courtroom to three charges including aggravated sexual assault with a deadly weapon for having unprotected sex, aggravated sexual assault with serious bodily injury and sexual assault of a child.

The girl, now 17, testified in court and informed authorities that she had not been sexually active nor did she know how to kiss before calling a chat line in December 2012 when she began talking to Reese. When they first met, she told Reese that she was 17, however, Reese found out she was 15 when her parents discovered them on the phone. According to Reese, the girl asked him to tell her parents he was 18 so they would allow them to continue talking.

The two later met in person at a movie theater in Dallas, where Reese pressured her into having sex, saying if she didn’t “it would make a man want to cheat.” Several months later, Reese was arrested on drug charges and sent to jail where him and the young girl kept in contact through letters.

According to court records, Reese has also been convicted for family violence assault, evading rest and resisting arrest.



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10 thoughts on “Pedophile Sentenced to 95 Years After Infecting 15 Year Old With HIV

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    A true black king wouldn’t do this! The man is trying to bring us down with these accusations. THEY infected that girl! Right?

  2. O my heart goes out to her & all women who are lied to by men like that. I knew someone long ago who went thru a similar hurt resulting in the same thing. She had one boy friend .we .didn’t know he was using dope; even worse & that he had HIV ..he didn’t know either at that time. Teenagers don’t need to be dating period..peers or older boys..Men got no business dating young people in my opinion. Lets get word out that sex isn’t everything..I guess it’s easy to be obsessed about anything..Young people need to obey their parents & seek the Lord! I thank God for the Grace & Mercy he bestowed on me..thank you Jesus!

  3. trotwoodjanet@aol.com on said:

    sad….what was this child lacking that she would want to lie to her parents and now look at the outcome of it. he needs to fry point, blank, and the period…

  4. I said it. on said:

    This innocent girl pursued this dude vigorously and persistently. She snuck and lied and told this dude to do the same. She thought she was a grown ass woman and that’s the risk that grown women take when they have unprotected sex. She didn’t know people do that? That’s what her parents were trying to protect her from. She could have avoided this by using a condom at the very least.

    • Really so it’s her fault? A 38 year old man Versus. a 15 year old girl and she got what she deserved but you do not even address the three felonies he commited in dealing with her. As a grown ass man that SOB should be shot. Whereas the little girl is not beyond having responsibility regarding her actions but she should not be expected to have the same level of responsibility as him. I, as a man feel your comments are sad at best and outright stupid at worst.

      • I said it. on said:

        Sweetie, the girl was fifteen in a chatroom that I’m sure her parents didn’t approve of, she lied about his age so that she could trick them into letting her see the guy, and she had unprotected sex with him. When you are disobedient, careless, and think you know better than those who have been put in place to guide you, there are consequences. To not understand and believe that is worst than stupid, at best. Don’t play. She outslicked herself. Do you for a minute rhink she didn’t know his background? She was not an idiot. These are the articles that you show children so that they will understand how some people operate, but when you have adults who are blinded to BOTH sides and have a one track mind, they miss the teachable moment. Man or not GTFOH with the over sensitivity and dramatization. These little girls need real adults to let them know that there are some devils out here that won’t care whose life they ruin, not placate the situation and say there there.

    • True..A lot young people date & have random sex..doesn’t make it right it’s our reality. Anyone from the city knows what temptation is…it’s important to know who your kids associate with after school..they all lie about something especially when it comes to the opposite sex. I did what she did for a year & a half in my youth. I can only say Grace saved me..nothing else. Some people need to wear condoms while sleeping with their spouse..that’s another subject.

      • I said it. on said:

        That’s not the point. I didn’t wish this on this young lady, nor make it happen. Every teenager sneaks and is disobedient, but as you should know, there are consequences for doing so. Some are fatal. Making it seem as if the man’s actions alone, are responsible for the outcome and that the young women is an innocent victim perpetuates the attitude that helps HIV thrive.

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