If you are an active user of the internet, there’s nothing you’ve probably seen people talking about more than the return of the hit Netflix prison comedy “Orange Is the New Black.” Netflix posted the second season on June 6th and people still can’t get enough. Well, one thing people always praise about the show is the casting. Every actor seems tailor made for their characters. But how did everyone get their roles? Did any actress audition for roles other than the ones they got? Our friends at FunnyOrDie.com found the answer.

Actress Uzo Aduba is known for playing Crazy Eyes on the show. However, before she landed the role, she auditioned for every single role you could imagine. Funny Or Die found the “leaked” footage of Aduba’s audition tape. During the audition, the actress tried out for Taystee, Red, Poussey, Piper, Pennsatuckey, and more.

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